Halas Hall: Dogs & Ponies

So yes, to correct an earlier rumor, Rod Marinelli will not become the new defensive coordinator for the Bears.  In a lengthy press conference at Soldier Field today, Bears CEO Ted Phillips, GM Jerry Angelo, and Head Coach Lovie Smith spoke to the media, announcing that virtually the entire offensive staff  has been fired, and that the Bears will seek to hire an defensive coordinator from outside the organization as well.

Some highlights:

  • Angelo stating that this was all a process of “evolvement.”  My spellcheck says evolvement isn’t a word, but apparently it is in Jerry-speak.
  •  Smith insisting repeatedly that all of these discussions are due to the Bears having “one bad year.”  Seems Smith has forgotten that his defense has fallen apart since 2007, when he decided he didn’t want to retain Ron Rivera.  This is not a one-year problem.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Smith was hired because he was known as a defensive guru, correct?  And because his defenses in his defensive system were great.  So now that it’s been stated that Smith will be choosing new coordinators on both sides of the ball, what do we need Smith for?

I don’t disagree that Turner should have been fired at this point, but think about this.  To you, which side of the ball was more responsible for this disappointing 2009 season?  The offense, or the defense that was shredded many times taking the Bears out of multiple games by halftime?  Firing Ron Turner will fix Lovie’s defense that has been falling apart since 2007?

Hope you enjoyed the show.  I see much more smoke than fire.

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  1. Excellent Blog. Everything you pointed out was exactly my take from what I saw. I also thought it was extremely curious that the offensive side seemed to take all the blame. One comment Phillips made that stood out to me was when Phillips said that while looking at other organizations he noticed that all of them were able to admit mistakes and acknowledge that some things they did just didn’t work.
    I truly hope that privately Lovie can do the same even though he doesn’t seem to be able to publicly. I can see why he might not say those things at this time as I’m sure he has had to fight pretty hard to keep his job. CYA.

    I guess the next few weeks will fill in at least some of the blanks and I would be curious to get your take on Martz. Wouldn’t the Bears be reaching into Detroit’s bag of mistakes again? Who do you think would be excellent prospects

  2. Correction, “Looking at successful Organizations”.

  3. Totally agree, being down by 31 points at halftime will support the theory that Lovie’s defense sucks. It will be an interesting offseason.

  4. Alright, gonna bring in two new coordinators for the final lame-duck season, then everyone gets fired, and we start all over! I love my team, but this organization is a joke.

  5. lol..the only thing I have with this is these changes probably make us 10-6..give us a playoff berth..then Lovie gets a 5 year extension or some BS like that.

  6. If the Bears make the playoffs and win one postseason game next season then I’m all for Lovie getting an extension. If they miss the playoffs again, he’s gone, only to be head coach somewhere else where he’ll win the Super Bowl. Book it.

  7. Translation: May I ask, what is the used template on this page? I’ve seen it already times where and would use it even with my blog.

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