Grossman’s Dad: Bears not Rex

Fred Mitchell of the Tribune talked to Dan Grossman, Rex’s father, who basically states the Bears are “where quarterbacks go to die” if we can borrow a phrase from Muhsin Muhammad.  Grossman says that his son was “tainted” coming out of Chicago as a free agent.  All because of what the Bears organization did to him.

I’m still waiting for Grossman to prove to the league that he’s one of the best quarterbacks, as he’s said he would.  And my initial reaction is that Grossman has sour grapes just like his son.  However, I have to say that the more I see the Orton’s, Benson’s, Justin Gage’s and Mark Bradley’s of the world move on and be decent players anywhere but Chicago, I don’t know what to think.

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  1. I know what I think: the Chicago Bears coaching staff, pretty much from top to bottom, has no idea how to develop players. As you pointed out, look at all the former Bears who are playing at a MUCH higher level than they ever played with for the Bears. But then also look at the players that are still around: Vasher, Harris, Forte, Cutler… and what do you see? Regression. Across the board. Players who have flashed at one time or another, usually because of their own physical ability, are regressing under these coaches and these schemes. At this rate, the Bears are where everyone goes to die.

  2. That’s tough to say out loud. But the truth hurts. This organization needs a cleansing. When is the question???!!

  3. I’m a big Rex Grossman fan, but how can you explain Rex looking like the best QB in the league for the first 6 games of the 2006 season and then sucking again Daddy Grossman? It’s not all on the players around him, or the system or whatever… Jay Cutler needs to make plays, not interceptions.

  4. Chicago is the place where offensive players go to die.

    As far as Grossman. Grossman certainly has the talent and ability to be a great QB, but he lacks the mentality to be a great QB. That was his major problem in Chicago. We all saw what he could do in those few games in 2006, something many of us were saying we hadnt seen since Kramers 95 season and then before the Jim McMahon. Grossman had head issues, and I’m sure that had alot to do with our brutal our fan base can be to QBs (Though not as bad as Philly in my opinion…nothing beats Philly fans).

    But the organization does need a cleansing. This is a pathetically coached team and development has produced absolutely nothing in the past 4 years..In fact, players who were developed have regressed quite a bit. Forte, Vasher, Tommie Harris, some can even make the case for Cutler (though changing teams in my opinion is not regression).

    It starts at the top with the McCaskey’s low balling, and trickles on down the line all the way to the team trainer.

    I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. We can all hope and wish for the Bears to go somewhere, but in my opinion, this team will not win a Super Bowl again until the McCaskey’s are no longer owners. I only hopes that that becomes sooner than later.

  5. Dan Grossman’s first mistake was talking to Fred Mitchell and trying to sell the world on the idea that he and his son are not bitter about the way things turned out here, when it’s no secret that they are. Second, trying to make any kind of comparison of Grossman to Cutler is like comparing a frightened squirrel to a coyote. Third, the media here isn’t blaming Cutler for this mess of a team – far from it. I think everyone clearly understands that Cutler’s been stuck with a bad line, minimal resources on offense, and incompetent coaching staff, and is doing what he can right now, making some (good) and many more (bad) in-game decisions along the way.

    Sure, Grossman put up some decent numbers for a while, but in the end he was exposed for what he is now – at best a semi-competent backup that has and always will have mental toughness issues. Booing in Chicago “devastated” him? Come on. Rex was cocky here from Day 1 and was never embraced because he never backed up all the talk. If booing bothers him that much, he shouldn’t even be a backup. And all of us can’t and never will be able to forget the memory of that night in Miami’s rain that he played slip and slide all over the place in as embarrassing of a QB performance you’ll ever see in a Super Bowl.

    That said, Dan Grossman does have some valid points. The Bears from the top down are a mess and have been for years, and Cutler’s been placed in a bad situation. They just extended him out, so unless they build out around him quickly and correctly, the investment will be wasted. The problem is that until both are fired, Angelo and Lovie are being entrusted with the buildout, and I don’t know any Bears fans that feel comfortable about those brothers of incompetence trying to do what’s needed.

    This season is a wash. They got Cutler and thought through some half-a$%*& player acquisitions and hiring a former head coach from a winless team, they would have enough to be in the playoffs, but there are too many holes to even consider that a remote possibility right now. As Roy has said before, as long as Lovie is here (and Angelo), this team is not capable of winning – it’s time to clear the garbage out ASAP, but we all know it’s not happening anytime soon.

  6. I want Ron Rivera back!!!!

  7. Why do people focus so much on lovie and jerry angelo???….hate to break it to you people.but those two aren’t the problem…they are merely symptoms….the problem is the mccaskey’s…..until we as bears fans get rid of them,any other changes will simply be cosmetic….

    Behind every bad sports team is a bad owner..

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