Grossman Mental Midget?

Another day, another insult on the Bears.? Following last Sunday’s game Charger linebacker Shaun Phillips called Bear running back Cedric Benson “soft”.? Now, former Bear player and defensive coordinator Ron Rivera reportedly called Rex Grossman a “mental midget” to Charger players prior to the game.

Despite Bear players’ attempts to downplay this, and Rivera’s attempts to backpedal, I’m sure he said this.? But I like David Haugh’s comment in his article, which sums up the situation:

“The book on Grossman around the league tells the story of a quarterback with a strong arm and a weak head.? So edit it, Rex.”

Grossman is in his contract year, and I still think he’s going to step up.? We shall see.

2 Responses to “Grossman Mental Midget?”

  1. Roy, good to see you posting so much — I haven’t stopped by in a while. Rex didn’t quite light it up last Sunday but his performance was a lot better than that of Benson and the offensive line.

    I know AP had a fumble, too, but at least he gained 5 plus a pop.

  2. The quarterback position is as much a mental challenge as a physical challenge. Rex isn’t going to beat teams with his physical attributes, so he will need to bring his mental game to read blitzes, move through his progression, and make the right reads. Rex hasn’t proven he can bring it week in and week out. So, until he does, Chico has a point.

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