Goodbye Dusty

Wow, what a preseason game to watch last Saturday against the Giants.  Yes, again just a preseason game, but as I’ve told others I had to continually rub my eyes and make sure it was indeed the Bears offense I was watching.  As Mike Mulligan writes, it was hard to not get excited.

One potentially sour note, to my simply from a standpoint of depth, it appears that Dusty Dvoracek will go on injured reserve for the season for the fourth time in his four-year career.  Dvoracek tore his right ACL against the Giants.  I do like Dusty, but by mid-season last year I wondered if he was really the right guy to be starting at the nose.  Tackle Anthony Adams replaced Dvoracek and outperformed him when the latter was lost in week 12.

But every man is needed, so Dvoracek’s loss will be felt from a depth standpoint.

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  1. I didn’t watch the whole game, but I was blown away by the bomb Cutler threw to Hester early on in the game. Hester missed it, yeah, his own missed signals I’m sure were at fault, but I couldn’t believe it was even attempted. The new era is upon us. Sid Luckman, rest in peace.

  2. time to win championships in chicago.but please dont trade away the players like we did in 85,Chicago could of back 2 back or even more but its all in the past time to look in the futureGo Bears.

  3. Looks like it’s ‘only’ a sprain for Dusty.

  4. And another thing to rub our eyes at Roy – was that actually a Bears QB scrambling out of the pocket and throwing on the run??? I couldn’t believe myself, what a sight it was. A far cry from the snails we had at QB in the last few years

  5. Cade McNown used to throw it on the run-straight up into the air into the arms of the nearest defender. But your point is well taken :).

  6. It was an absolute pleasure to watch the Bears mop the floor with a good Giants D, I don’t care how many injuries they have.

  7. My fault Roy, how could I have left out the abomination that was Cade McNown lol

  8. goodbye and peace out dusty! you have played in 13 games in three seasons. time for you to go. talent or no talent if your not on the field than your no good to anyone. your obviously made of glass so good bye dusty and peace out!

  9. Things are looking good! It is hard not to get excited.. especially with our favorite team -the cheesheads ;-) so early in the schedule.
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    Go Bears!

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