Good Luck, Nick Hill

Yesterday the Chicago Bears announced they waived quarterback Nick Hill. Hill was signed as a free agent by the Bears after the 2008 NFL Draft. Hill had a fantastic career at Southern Illinois University and had people comparing him to Tony Romo following the signing.

Hill’s “people” will have some work to do on his website, as it’s plastered with Chicago Bears logos.

I thought it was very cool that Hill’s website syndicated my blog, and I received a fair amount of traffic from them. Looks like I’ll be losing said traffic.

We wish Hill the best, hope he catches on somewhere and has success.

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  1. His “people”? Ha.

    The site is a spinoff of 618 Football,
    So many people were asking about Nick, and the 618 Football focus is on the high school scene, I just wanted an easy way for people around here to follow the news. According to the NFL, Southern Illinois is in the Rams territory and we get to watch those games, sigh!, and hope that the home games do not sell out and that they black out the Rams, so that they can play the Bears games.

    Not going to remove the Bears logos yet. Here is hoping he will be back with the Bears, practice squad or whatever.

    Glad to send traffic your way! It is a great blogsite.

    Don Laur
    618 Football and Nick Hill Football dot com.

  2. Personally, I was really upset by this. It sounds as if the coaching staff didn’t even give him a chance. Why sign him if you would drop him to have a fourth tight end on the roster. All I have heard about Hanie is that he is Rex Grossman #2. Big arm, bad decisions. I mean he almost had as many interceptions as touch down passes. Nick Hill passed for over 3,000 yards with 28 touchdowns and only 7 interceptions last year. I don’t care what level your at those are great numbers. The thing is, whereever they played it was the same, Nick Hill= high percentage passing, low interceptions Caleb Hanie= throw a touchdown, throw a pick, throw a… Stupid. Again, why draft a person without giving them a fair look.

  3. “Again, why draft a person without giving them a fair look.”

    Hey Higgins, truthfully, neither of Hanie or Hill was drafted.
    That is the problem. It is too easy to drop an undrafted. Teams don’t like to drop drafted players because every person from here to high water will look at it and give a comment… in my opinions teams carry drafted players way too long and give them way too many chances. The higher the pick, the more likely you are to see this.

    Usually, that player, even if not playing up to potential as to do something really stupid to get cut… some players have to do it twice!!!! Ha.

  4. You got me. I meant to say sign. My whole point was that a team which let a coin toss decide who was going to lead the first team offense on the first day of training camp released their fourth QB to pick up a fourth tight end? When you have Greg Olsen and Desmond Clark? When you are raving about your third tight end showing great things in training camp? What? No sense. There has to be someone else that you could let go.

  5. you cannot compare division I statistics with I-AA statistics, similar to comparing apples and oranges.

    It is certainly amazing to me that the bears continue to tout rexy and orton as the future of the franchise. Can we not get Jim Miller back and out of retirement?

    In regards to keeping 4 tight ends, it’s not too uncommon for teams who have double tight looks on offense or use them in the same package. I think it should be interesting to see what Turner has in store for the offense, especially considering that the Bears squandered their entire receiving corps in the offseason. Maybe Rex can complete passes when we’re throwing play action every down to Olson and Clark… hmmm I think this seems familiar to the beginning of last year’s season.

  6. I still can’t say the TE thing makes complete since but apparently Stone has other talents.

    This is from a few months ago, when he was first signed.

    Stone, who played quarterback and tight end at North Carolina State, signed a free-agent contact with the Chicago Bears Tuesday.

    But even though Chicago has had quarterback issues in recent years, Stone will compete at the tight end position for the Bears. Stone can also perform long-snapping duties, which could aid his cause.
    Stone played in 37 games for the Wolfpack, passing for 1,474 yards and catching 40 passes for 520 yards.

  7. A quarterback, tight end, and long-snapper? Crazy. Can he play left tackle? This, in all reality was a training camp move. They are running the Ace package in practice and need to throw someone else in there so guys can catch a breather. Painful as it is for me to say, neither Hill nor Stone have a chance of making the 53 man roster if they are jockeying for the last spot on the 80 man roster. Sad. Just wanted to see someone new get a chance. For the record, I don’t see losing Bernard Berrian or Mushin Muhammed as bad things. I can not wait to see the interception total of Tarvaris Jackson this year, because of Berrian’s inability to consistantly remember which route he is supposed to be running. Great receiver most of the time, really bad receiver just a little bit of the time.

  8. Follow up story, way more details about what Nick was told.

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