Gaines Adams Dead

Oh my God.  I’m saying that in a stunned sort of way.

Today I read in the paper that apparently former Bears defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek has relapsed, and was arrested in Norman, OK for public intoxication and hitting a security official.  If we’ll all remember, Dvoracek had a similar problem while in school at Oklahoma, and swore off alcohol.  We were going to wish Dvoracek the best in his ongoing battle, and thought that would be it for the stunning Bears news for today.  And I found it interesting that the Chicago Tribune listed Dvoracek as “Bears defensive tackle” even though he was released last September.

But now I’m stunned to learn that 26 year old Bears defensive end Gaines Adams was found dead of an apparent heart attack.  Now that is a shocker.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

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  1. There goes our 2nd round pick.

  2. I honestly cannot believe this when I read it on Yahoo Sports today. My first thought was just utter shock then I went into the business aspect of it and thought well there goes another great Bears move. Sucks that it had to be this way…It really really does.

    Sympathy goes out to his friends and family. R.I.P Gaines Adams.

  3. An enlarged heart? Our medical staff must be made up of second rate physicians. How do you not know about this? Did he not have to pass a physical when we traded for him? Wtf?

  4. Gaines has been on my mind all day. I don’t know much about him personally but my heart goes out to his family. This has really made me think long and hard about how precious life is and I hope this will help me to keep a healthy perspective when commenting on my Bears. Gaines was part of our family in a way and I wish his family the best in the years to come. God Bless the Adams family.

  5. I am with you Butkus. A young man is dead. Let’s forget about criticizing Bears management and focus our thoughts towards the Adams family. RIP young man!

  6. I am not saying it as in, why didn’t we know about this so that we wouldn’t trade for him, but so that it would be caught and this could have been prevented. How do you not get a full body scan on a investment worth tens of millions of dollars?

  7. How did this guy get drafted number 4 in the nation with a bad heart?

  8. Not to downplay the sadness of Gaines Adams’ passing, but the Broncos just announced that Mike Nolan and Josh McDaniels mutually agreed that it was best for Nolan to go! Heck, the defense was not only much improved over last year (7th in the NFL this year), but it was the ONLY reason they even made it to .500! Bears management- WAKE UP AND BRING MIKE NOLAN IN AS DC!

  9. Traffic, its too late, Miami hired him today. He is a 3-4 guy so Lovie wouldn’t have been interested anyway.

  10. I don’t think Miami hired him, but I’m sure they will. Traffic, I’d agree Nolan would have been a great idea, but it’s not that he’s a 3-4 guy that would have prevented the Bears from hiring him. Lovie’s not going to hire anyone that might challenge anything he does, so no way is he going to bring in anyone other than a yes-man. Unfortunately.

  11. I was talking to my doctor yesterday who follows the Bears and he was under the impression that the league and/or teams are doing EKGs as part of a physical which would indicate an enlarged heart (of course, a stethoscope wouldn’t) but obviously that’s not the case. He said unless a player shows symptoms, there’s no need to run tests for something like an enlarged heart.

  12. Right but again, there might not be a reason to do it, but when tens of millions of dollars are on the line, why wouldn’t you do it just to check heart health? I guess I am just flabbergasted by how a young man in such great physical shape could have this happen to him, and how a team investing so much in it’s employees physical attributes would not go to great lengths to check out the condition of said physical attributes.


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