Gabe Carimi: Next Marc Colombo?

I’m very sorry to see it have to come to this, as I had very high hopes for the “Bear Jew”. But after just two seasons with the Chicago Bears, 2011 first-round tackle Gabe Carimi has been traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a sixth-round draft pick.

Looks like Carimi will need to find a new nickname while he seeks to rediscover his game.

And now it’s official; the last first-round draft pick of former Bears GM Jerry Angelo is gone. Angelo has proven that either he had a knack for jinxing the offensive linemen he selected in the first round, or he was just plain bad at picking them.

Angelo’s very first pick was tackle Marc Colombo from Boston College. Colombo suffered a serious knee injury in his rookie season and was cut two seasons later. Colombo went on to become a very serviceable starting right tackle for Dallas for fix-plus seasons.

Fast forward to 2011. I hoped and thought that Carimi would become a solid tackle for years in the mold of former Bear right tackle Keith Van Horne. But just like Colombo, Carimi suffered a major knee injury during his rookie season, and now didn’t even make a third season in Chicago.

The only other offensive lineman selected by Angelo, in between Colombo and Carimi, was Chris Williams, the 14th overall selection of the 2008 draft. Williams fell out of favor in his third season and was cut during the 2012 campaign.

Kyle Long, beware.

Because I’m on a personal crusade to learn how to be happy for others even when things happen that affect me negatively, I will hope that Carimi discovers his solid play in Tampa. But should it happen as it did with Colombo, of course it will sting.

4 Responses to “Gabe Carimi: Next Marc Colombo?”

  1. He probably wouldn’t have made the final roster. Good job by Emery getting a 6th round pick in return.

  2. He was embarrassed so badly against the 49ers last year on national tv that I’m surprised he had any trade value left

  3. I think Carimi deserved another year. If he has regained full fitness following his injury problems then surely he should be given another chance playing in what should be a better offence or at least looked at in the training camps by our new coaches.

  4. I liked Game Carimi coming out of Wisconsin, and what wasn’t there to like? Carimi won the Outland Trophy going against the likes of Purdues Ryan Kerrigan and Ohio States Cameron Heyward. Oh yeah, he went against now NFL sack machine JJ Watts everyday in practice. So Carimi seemed legit.

    The red flag was his knee, maybe Jerry Angelo should have looked into that a little more more. If he pans in Tampa good for him. The Bears should be good with Pro Bowl left tackle Jerome Bushrod, and J’Marcus Webb should be a little more effective on the right side GO BEARS!!

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