Gabe Carimi: Hope or Bust?

Gabe Carimi Chicago BearsA lot of coverage in the media has been devoted to Gabe Carimi deciding to stay away from the Chicago Bears’ “voluntary” organized team activities. The decision was justified by former NFL center LeCharles Bentley, with whom Carimi is training rather than attending Bears practices.

It seems that odds are on Carimi at least making the roster in Chicago in 2013, as his base salary is guaranteed whether he’s on the team or not. Then again, if it comes down to Carimi or Edwin Williams, who can also play center, it will be tough from a numbers standpoint.

I personally will be very disappointed if Carimi turns out to be another Bears (Jerry Angelo) draft bust. I was ecstatic when the Bears were able to land the mauling offensive lineman with the 27th pick overall. I really thought he was the type of player the Bears needed to infuse youth and talent into the line. Prior to the draft, it didn’t seem likely that he would last to the bottom of the first round.

But then again, Tommie Harris and Chris Williams also fell to the Bears because other teams likely took the players off their board due to lingering injury concerns (as did Carimi). And unless Carimi turns it around, it looks possible that he will end up being yet another miss at the top of the draft from Jerry Angelo.

I just hope Carimi isn’t the next Marc Colombo, Angelo’s first pick that suffered a terrible knee injury his rookie season. Seems Colombo needed a full two years to recover. Only after the Bears cut him did Colombo go on to a fair degree of success in the NFL with the Cowboys. Hope the Bears don’t err by cutting Carimi loose too soon.

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