Friday’s Bears News

Danieal Manning is once again your top nickel back.

It’s not looking likely that Devin Hester will play against the Buccaneers.

Hold your breath!  Dusty Dvoracek is preparing to actually play in his third game this season without getting injured-that’s his fourth career game in three years, against the Bucs. I have to say he’s been fun to watch.

In a non-Bears related note, Adrian Peterson is iffy this week with a hamstring. (“With a hamstring,” I know that’s Wanny speak).   And starting at quarterback for the Vikings will be 47-year old quarterback Gus Frerotte.  (He’s not 47, he’s an old dude like me, like 37 or so).  Remember, these were the Vikings roundly predicted to run away with the Super Bowl 43 trophy.  They have some catching up to do in that race.

Early prediction from the Chicago Tribune’s Terry Bannon: Bears 20, Buccaneers 13.

8 Responses to “Friday’s Bears News”

  1. And Roy how about Mike Brown making it to the 3rd game of the season? But as you alluded to, his presence on the field remarkably hasn’t been as significant as Dvoracek’s. And Marcus Harrison’s contributions on the defensive line during these past two games haven’t gone unnoticed.

  2. I have to say that I am not impressed at all by the Vikings. I would take our defense any day after seeing these first two games of the season, and without Adrian Peterson, their offense doesn’t impress me either.

  3. Tavaris Jackson made me appreicate Kyle Orton. It’s a shame he got benched. I was enjoying watching him play.

  4. Higgins,

    The sexy pick to go to the Super Bowl never pans out. Remember, it was the Dolphins in 2006 that was susposed to go…

  5. I never picked them to go. I have never been impressed by Tarvaris Jackson. I have always thought he was going to bust. After watching two weeks of football, I am saying in the Superbowl it’s Steeler’s vs. Cowbo… …Bears. I was always going to say Bears. Go Bears!

  6. Yeah, that’s the point, anyone with any sanity whatsoever wouldn’t have picked the Vikings. But the “real media” knows all, right?

  7. I know that Sports Illustrated picked the Vikes to go 13-3. I doubt Gus can help the Vikes win 13 games in 14 weeks. From the way they’ve started, I’d be surprised if they win 8 games. Everyone from ESPN’s web site is picking the Bears over TB this week.

  8. I’m not surprised Adrian Peterson is ailing again. He’s been hurt every year for the past 4 years, dating back to his college days. And it’s about time the Vikings realized that Tarvaris Jackson isn’t a quarterback that can run… he’s a running quarterback. And those types of QBs never succeed in this league.

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