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I’ve said it before; in my opinion Brad Biggs of the Chicago Sun-Times maintains the best Chicago Bears Blog there is.  Even in these slow times (May and June), Biggs has something new to write almost every day.  I’d like to think that I could come up with coherent Bears thoughts more frequently than I do, but most of the time I’m working my real job, chasing after kids or giving the wife a break.

We will actually have some good updates coming over the next few weeks until training camp, so stay tuned.

So I’ll go with Biggs’ updates on the news of this afternoon.

The Bears have acted fast as they usually do and have signed all but their top three draft picks in 2009.  Great work, not that these guys were going to be hard to sign or anything, but good anyway.

Today the Bears also signed DL Isreal Idonije to a two-year extension.  This is great-not only has Izzy been a very unsung hero on the line, he’s a fantastic special teamer.

And wow, believe it or not, NFL Analyst KC Joyner has said the following: “Jay Cutler will make Bears fans think fondly of Rex Grossman.”  Is he serious?  I don’t agree with him, but it is amuzing to read his opinion anyway.  He points out that Cutler makes a bad decision on 5% of his throws, and cites the fact that Cutler threw the second-most interceptions in the NFL last year with 18.  What he conveniently neglects to mention in his argument is that Cutler also threw for 25 touchdowns and 4,500 yards.  Put it in perspective, the Bears have NEVER IN 90 YEARS had a 4,000 yard passer, and they get 20 TD’s out of their quarterback literally once every 30 years or so.  I’m going with Cutler, Joyner can have his opinion.

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  1. KC Joyner is an idiot. if he knew how bears fans truly felt about grossman than he would know that we will never think back fondly of him! at least i will not. if rexy was so good than why has he not been signed to a team after his move into free agency this year. last i checked, guy was not wanted. if jay left the bears right now would there be half the teams in the league trying to sign him? yes. and we will miss grossman…. give me a break.

  2. Not so much Grossman, but more a question of whether Orton was significantly underrated and the price paid for Cutler too high? After all, with the No18 pick Jeremy Maclin could have been selected and a top WR would make any QB better.

  3. he also doesn’t say that the broncos had one of the worst defenses in the league and i belive 7 RBs on IR. what else is there to do but throw the ball and hope jay can we you some games. there are so many things that go into stats that its hard to say this guy is good and this guy is not. everyone says jay is something special. if i hear one more thing about draft picks were too much i am gonna lose my mind. maclin? proably the second hardest position to learn in football and you think we should keep orton and went with maclin? maybe… i like the moves made though. draft picks i think are overrated. the amount of times teams whiff with them are amazing. how many times were great players found in deeper rounds?

  4. I used to read David Haugh religously but I think you turned me on to Biggs, and I haven’t looked back since. Thanks for that.

    I had Cutler on my fantasy team last year and watched more than 80% of his games on my dish. He’ll make mistakes like Favre always has, but he’ll make up for them too with his arm and feet. He’s a fun player to watch, I’ll tell you that much.

    Terrill – I agree draft picks are overrated especially in this organization. Might as well get a known talent instead of a 40/60 shot an *eventual* starter. Orton stared guys down way too much…he was ok. Cutler is the real deal and will only improve for the next few years.

    Glad about Izzy being signed too, he’s so valuable it’s not even funny.

  5. by the way, i just read , and its 6/3/09, that jay cutler has not missed a single OTA day. isn’t that nice to hear? with all the egos and what not in the NFL we have a QB who gets it. wants the respect of his team, wants to learn and wants to win. not to say that orten was not the same but cutler is a big name. would be easy for him to skip OTAs but the man is earning the respect of the entire city!

  6. I think Bears fans would stone him to death if he didn’t show up to every OTA since he has no reason to miss them. Just my opinion.

  7. Jay is the answer!! I mean come on our receiving core isn’t the best out there BUT Cutler made eddie royal look like a savvy veteran so you know he has the ability to make receivers better, we have two great tight ends and a pretty damn good RB as well as a defense that can be TENACIOUS on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY!!!! (three things cutler didn’t have in Denver.) They relied ONLY on his arm out there…now that he has a legit running attack as well as a defense that can actually for turnovers and stop opponents and hold them to under 30 points a game he won’t be throwing 18 INT’s nor will he throw for 4500 yards BUT I bet u he will throw for more than 20 TDs with less than 15 INT’s and around 35-3800 yards and I BET YOU THAT THE BEARS WILL WIN MORE THAN ONE MORE GAME THAN THEY DID LAST YEAR…THIS YEAR!!!!!!! NFC NORTH CHAMPS AND MORE!!!!! (11-5)

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