Chicago Bears: Free Fallin’

“The Chicago Bears tonight…they’re just horrible.”  That’s not my quote, that’s Matt Millen’s.  When the architect of one of the worst teams of any decade calls you horrible, you’re horrible.

So we’re now in free-fall mode as far as I can see.  Dave Wannstedt’s death spiral began in 1997 with an 0-7 start and culminated with two straight 4-12 seasons.  Dick Jauron should have been fired following the 2002 season, but we got a bonus bad year to set us back.

If the 2009 Chicago Bears were a dead person, they’d need a tombstone.  But there wouldn’t be a tombstone large enough to write their epitaph.  This team loses in so many different, dreadful ways.  Penalties, horrendous offensive line play, horrible secondary, terrible running game, awful secondary.

Funny that tonight the team actually played good defense for the first time all season it seems.  Problem was, stop after stop against a good opposing offensive line and running game but their epically bad offense kept giving the ball back.  This offense is bad.  I was thinking…Bob Avellini without Walter Payton bad?  No, worse.  Bobby Douglass bad?  No, worse.  We’re talking Jonathan Quinn bad.  And you all know how bad that is.  This with the best quarterback we’ve had since Sid Luckman.

And I believe that about Jay Cutler.  Yes, he threw 5 interceptions tonight and it’s been well over 40 years since the Bears have had a quarterback through four or more picks in a game twice in one season.  Something even Rex Grossman never did!  But I fully believe 2 of those interceptions were the receiver’s faults, a third was pass interference that wasn’t called.  And people have to realize, when your featured back rushes around 25 times for 40 yards, what else can you do but throw risky passes?  And that is what’s happening.

Now I for one am quite positive that we’re looking at a 6-10 season, that is if we can beat St. Louis and Detroit.  That’s a big if at this point.

The offensive line is terrible.  Among all the other examples, did anyone see our best prospect in Chris Williams get RUN OVER on the game’s first series?  The secondary is terrible.  With the exception of tonight, the defensive front 7′s play has been putrid.  There is not a lot of young talent and no draft picks in 2010.  And where exactly has our 2010 second-round pick Gaines Adams been?  I don’t even see him on the field.

Forget worrying about Cutler’s interceptions-the man is bloodied and is going to be dead before the end of the season at this rate.

This team is committing stupid penalties and looks completely disorganized.  Signs of a poorly led and coached team.

The two bright spots tonight.  There were a couple of Tommie Harris sightings, which is promising for the $40 million he’s earning.  And Lovie Smith actually lightly shook his head in frustration once.  There are your positives for the night.

We’re back in 2003 again everyone.  Sure, if the organization wanted to make Ron Turner a scapegoat and fire him, which I don’t think they will, what successful offensive coordinator would come in for Lovie’s lame duck season as head coach?  No one.  So we have a 6-10 season this year if we’re lucky and who knows what next year, before we can start all over in 2011.

Might as well keep Jay Cutler and tear everything else down around him.  Two problems with that.  There are no draft picks to start doing so in 2010.  And by the time they’re able to get started rebuilding Cutler will be dead due to the lack of talent around him.

Hey, if it makes us feel better for helping our fellow man, at least we’re giving Denver a great first-round pick next year.

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  1. What is wrong with Lovee he should have benched cutler. He has been playing bad for the last 3 games. Give the secondary guy a chance theres no way he could be that bad or he wouldnt have made it there in the first place Lovee should be Benched!!!!!!

  2. Brenda McClelland on November 12th, 2009 at 11:31 pm

    Cut Cutler!!!!!!!!!!!! The bears are going no where with this guy.

  3. Brenda McClelland on November 12th, 2009 at 11:34 pm

    You right the coach is not doing his job! We need a new coach.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Brenda, but I don’t agree with that. Cutler certainly was the main problem tonight, but if he had any blocking or running game, he wouldn’t throw 5 or 4 or 3 or 2 picks in my opinion. But it’s a moot point until he has players around him.

  5. I feel bad for cutler. He’s surrounded by trash. 2 of those interceptions were reciever error or mis communication. He was forcing too many balls tonight. This team is bad and cutler knows it. Just read his body language. He’s not feelin it here soo far and the fans are not gonna go easy on him. This team needs to re-build around cutler. Start with an O line.

  6. Cutler is trying to play with the same style he had in Denver….And hes trying too hard to make things happen. In reality though this is just becoming ridiculous. There are problems with Cutler that seems to be just Cutler (or bad luck)…When you break it down its more than that…but to put it in these terms:
    -Cutler has 11 interception in prime time games this season. I believe in Denver he struggled in most prime time games as well.
    -Cutler has 9 interceptions in the red zone in his 4 year career. Tom Brady by comparison has 6 interceptions in the red zone in his entire career.

    All in all it does come down to the offensive line. Half of the fault of all but one of Cutlers interceptions is the O-line’s fault. Two in which Cutler stepped up and threw a forced pass are because of the O-Line collapsing. The only one solely on Cutler is the first one in the end zone which was just a dumb throw on his part.

  7. Socal bears fan on November 13th, 2009 at 1:38 am

    Now I know how denver felt last year it was to bad to watch this guy throw pick after pick was he throwing it to us or them it was horrible!!! We gave up alot for this guy and for what for him to lead the league in INTS!!! It’s only the half way point. 17 are you kidding me!!! I now regret betting my friend who is a bronco fan that jay would would not throw more than 20 picks this year I should just pay him now that was too easy. Cut this guy his sucks ass!!!!!!

  8. I agree!! Cut Cutler. He must be trying to prove that we need recievers by throwing the ball for 207 yards with 5 picks and only scoring 6 points. Chicago was built on a running game!

  9. Sorry!! Correction. Only completing 27 out of 52 passes for 307 yard and 5 interceptions looks like Culter is only trying to pad his stats for most yardage in the NFL at the cost of the team!! the Bears need a TEAM quarterback.

  10. Cutting Cutler is not the answer, that makes no sense. Yes, he had another horrible game, but as Roy pointed out and we all saw, at least 2 and probably 3 of those picks were not his fault, and it’s not impossible to overstate how disgraceful the Oline and overall offense really is, it’s just sickening.

    That said, I’m concerned about what’s going on in Cutler’s head right now. Yes, he has very little time, we all know that. But the pick to end the game – what did he see there and where was he going with that? It was a terrible read and he threw it in the middle of 3 49ers with no one in sight. It looked like Bennett might have been open, but he did not even look at him. Same questions can be applied for the first pick. As pathetic of an effort as this game was, if he makes one good play on either of those, we still win, even though we would not have deserved it.

    All the other stuff – ridiculous penalties, delay of games on FG attempts, Chris Williams late hits on the last drive, are just absurd. Defense finally did its job for once against a below average team with a bad QB. But overall this team is just garbage and it’s going to take years to clean up, and I really have no idea who will be dumb enough to come here when Lovie is finally drop kicked to the curb. Someone has to be the scapegoat here, at least for this year, and that has to be Turner – we know it won’t be Lovie. Why would you bring Turner back – it’s just pointless. As Roy pointed out, the question again is who would want to come here under Lovie in the first place, unless maybe it’s a high profile guy who thinks he could replace him when he’s inevitably axed.

  11. Bears fans…you were warned, that Cutler not only has a pathological tendency to force balls, he has never demonstrated a repoire’ with teamates. While he is not totally at fault, maybe the receiving corp dousn’t trust Cutler and his poor decision making. It’f of course easy to second gues, but Cutler had a clear running lane to the end zone, before he threw the final pick, and chose not to, or didn’t have the guts to.

    Really except for the defense, your club is several years away from even remotley competing in the NFC North, under Lovie Smith.

    The issue that will face this club in my opinion is this. Cutler has had a certain reputation fair or not, of being a drama queen, of having a me first attitude, and really never demonstrated an ability to own up to his own poor judgements…especially in the red zone. This is a critical, defect as a player, and I believe will be debilitating to his development. He also emotionally is obviously quite immature, another issue that unless he gets a coach either a different Head Coach or a very strong QB Coach to teach this “young man” to stop pouting….Time to Buckle Up Buttercup…you haven’t proven anything yet to either organization, you haven’t won a playoff game. I’ll be honest…in three years this man could be basically finished if he doesn’t.

  12. I’m sorry for this post, but I cannot take Chicago Bears fans – for the most part.

    Whenever you say to cut Cutler or bench him, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t post on here again. As a few people have already mentioned, Cutler has his work absolutely cut out for him 100% considering that their offensive line is either broken down/washed up or inexperienced to the point of stupidity (penalties). When your line is terrible it equals no running game.

    -Let it be said, if you are running a spread offense (Indy), then it’s no problem. Typically their passing game opens up the run game – see Arizona, see Indianapolis.

    This is not the Bears. Chicago has a tight-end/running game driven offense (and partially/rightfully so). -Go back to Turner’s years at Illinois and see their offensive style. The ground attack sets up play action. When this fails – and it’s not a philosophical failure, its an execution failure – it falls flat on it’s face… See any base running offense that uses multiple tight ends and a fullback in the history of football.

    Conventional Bears football works with conventional players. Solid defense, a ground attack, and play action (which requires solid possession receivers).

    Cutler is who we thought he was. We KNEW that he was going to take risks – IS THAT NOT WHY WE GOT RID OF ORTON? IS THAT NOT WHY EVERY BEARS QUARTERBACK HAS BEEN A FAILURE BY MOST MEASURES IN THE LAST 10 YEARS? To be frank, we have been sick and tired of seeing quarterbacks who can manage an offense. We wanted a playmaker. Someone who has the ability to throw the ball down the field and open things up. And we have that.


    What the Bears do have is this:

    Cutler – A quarterback who still has some work to do to prove himself as a consistent performer, but can play the game better than any of the past QBs in Chicago (this depends on what you’re looking for, but the Bears have moved a different direction than a clock managed offense and conservative football by getting him).

    Forte – Solid running back, period. Great out of the backfield, on screens, and makes people miss at the second level.

    Average receivers – No Bears Receiver stands out as being the next big play maker. Hester would be a GREAT slot receiver, but not a #1 threat for the deep ball. They have shown signs of life with new young guys, but honestly, we need something bigger here.

    Tight ends – Our tight ends are good. They catch the ball and none are afraid to take a hit over the middle.

    Line – old and broken down – or young and stupid.

    Defense – has shown some signs of life (see last night). Defensive line is still unproven – as it goes from good to terrible like I go from loving to hating Lovie. Secondary has shown some signs of life, but overall average. Linebackers – Briggs is a pro bowler. Urlacher is getting old and slower. Tinoisamoa is a solid linebacker when healthy.


    The whole point of this is that the Bears have added a quarterback to the mix who does not fit the style of offense that the Bears have been outfitted for.
    What we need: Management from the Owners. Angelo needs to take a shot in the offseason to give Cutler the surrounding cast to make things happen. Most notably at WR, Guard, Center, and maybe linebacker.

    Cutler did fail last night – and he knows it. Yes, sometimes I wish he wasn’t holding his head down like a baby, but the guy is human. He’s still maturing as an NFL qb. But I do believe he has the ability to be a Ben Roethlisberger type QB in a year or two. He has to get the cast required to do so.
    The trade for Cutler was not a mistake. We could have traded and drafted QBs for years and hoped they made things happen, but we’ve already been doing that for 10-12 years now.
    It’s time to rally around what the Bears have and make the best of the rest of this year. It’s going to be another average season, but I still believe the Bears are a better team with Cutler than Orton. We may need a change at the level of head coach, offensive coordinator, and GM. This all requires the ownership to decide in favor of it.

  13. I am very skeptical of anything Bears anymore. What I predict is the firing of Lovey Smith maybe Jerry Angelo as the fall guys for an organization run by an MBA business professor, not a football guy, and his alterego team president. The Bears didn’t do anything before 1985 until season tickets stopped being sell outs and radio stations and other organizations bought up unsold tickets so games would not be blacked out on television. McCaskey (Michael) will never do anything until the family income is threatened by fans not buying tickets. If I still had my season tickets I would return them. I had to give them up when PSLs made tickets for teh average fan too expensive. They are putting a less than mediocre product on the field! Maybe if corporate suite buyers stopped renting suites some things would get done. There seems to be a systemic taint to the franchise. They take good players and ruin them ie: Cutler, Urlacher. Kyle Orton was probably the biggest benficiary of the Cutler trade. In the future I see the same old stuff, new coach maybe a couple of acquisitiosn of good players, hype that now “all the pices are in place” and then we anticipate great things for another 5 years. An almost peak and then decline. How many times will Chicago Bear fans have to endure this kind of football operation before they just give up and stop being fans.

  14. Stephen: Please note, the proprietor of this website does not think Cutler should be benched or cut. Just wanted to make that clear. I don’t agree with those sentiments from those that have made them.

  15. I am not a “football expert” by any means, but if Orton is having success in Denver and Cutler is getting pounded in Chicago, doesn’t that mean there is something wrong with our Offensive Philosophy? I know our Offensive Line is garbage, that is evident when Forte runs 25 times for 40 yrds????? I realize we have Line Backers falling like flys, but when your defense is on the field for 40 min. even a Professional Athlete gets tired! What do we do? I don’t have the answers but changes need to happen soon!

  16. Chicago Fans are the best, we love our teams! We are eternal optimists! But how many times do we have to deal with the Cubs and the Bears ownership screwing the city over? I know we got new owners for the Cubs,fingers crossed, we get some changes, like a new Pitching Coach! But the Bears retro-fit the Stadium and the fans respond, When is ownership going to put more than a half- a$$ed effort into our team? This Country is falling apart at all levels because we have become happy with mediocrity???? Why don’t people have pride in being the best at what they do any more? Mind Boggling why people settle for average, especially when they have the means to be great! Just my opinion, but I compete everyday in life to sustain a feeling of pride in myself!

  17. It’s funny to read through these Bears blogs and see the same thing here that I saw on Broncos blogs a year ago.
    - “It’s not Jay’s fault.”
    This is like a battered wife saying it’s not her husband’s fault. It was something she did to bring about the beating. Fact of the matter is that the rest of the team didn’t throw those 5 INTs, 2 in the red zone. When the Broncos had the AFC West title all but locked up last year against Buffalo, all we needed to do was get a TD late in the game to seal the win. What did Cutler do? He threw a red zone INT. But it wasn’t Jay’s fault. Guess the receiver didn’t get open enough.

    - “Cutler is a franchise QB.”
    Does a franchise QB have a sub-500 record? Seriously, what 4th year franchise QB has a sub-500 record? And that’s considering that Jay began his career starting for a team that a year ago had been one game away from the Super Bowl.

    - “If only we had a better running game.”
    There’s some truth to this, but at the same time, if the other team knows that your QB is going to make a lot of bad throws, just stop the run and let Cutler make his inevitable mistake(s).

    - “If only our defense were better.”
    The defense can only do so much when your QB is consistently throwing interceptions and incompletions after rushing to the line to snap the ball. 3-and-out Jay. Killed the Broncos last year.

    - “The receiver ran a bad route. Our receivers suck.”
    Look at who Jay Cutler had last year… Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, Brandon Stokley, Tony Sheffler. All pretty good receivers, and Cutler still couldn’t hit them when they were wide open. He always threw to the one guy on the field who was in the middle of triple coverage. This wasn’t bad route running, that was just a bad decision or cockiness, plain and simple.

    I’m so sorry Bears fans for sending you a .500 QB in exchange for 2 first round draft picks, a third round pick, a bag of footballs, and Kyle Orton (in order of value). But thanks for taking our problem.

  18. I just wanna see a superbowl win before I die. Is that too much to ask?

  19. I doubt the McCaskey family will fire Lovie. They like who he is and how he makes them feel. Sure they want to win but not like the fans. As long as we all keep paying to see/support this kind of team that is what we will continue to get. I think Lovie should go! he has failed in his mission to win and build a successful team. After 4 years our team is as bad as it has been.

    We have no recievers. Why did we ruin the most dangerous,exciting return man ever in the history of the game? Why? He is a average reciever at best. He has not returned a kick for a TD in almost 2 years. I dont understand it.

    We did not waste the draft picks on Cutler. What have we gotten for our last 5 #1 picks? I cant even remember who some of them were. Chris williams is an average lineman at best. We have the wrong people evaluating talent. We must get some real recievers that can get open. Cutler will improve as we improve our line and reciever corp. I am in favor of a new coach for sure!!

  20. i agree with someone up there, ownership doesnt give a rip about winning football games, only keeping the big bucks rolling in! you know why you cant remember the bears last 5 first rounders? BECAUSE THEY TRADE THOSE PICKS AWAY SO THEY DONT HAVE TO PAY ANYONE! unfortunately for me i became a fan as a kid cuz of Sweetness, little did i know at age 7 that this team was being run by cheapskates! it absolutely makes me sick when draft day rolls around, 4 times in recent memory theyve traded away their first pick.(rick meier, 2006, 2009 and 2010) when it happened this time(i do support the cutler acquisition but not giving the farm to denver who wanted to get rid of cutler anyways) it just cemented that fact to me. it makes me wanna snap! i say boycott the games, hit mccaskey in his fat a– wallet! ive been in support of them selling the team for a good while now. to me theyve proven and almost thrown in our faces that they only give a crap about keeping that money machine rolling, not about putting a quality team on the field. bring in cowher! and brenda… i dont even know what the hell youre talking about on your posts! calm down there… or stifle yourself if you like :-)

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