Free Agency; No Moore; Urlacher

Wow. Come on, men of a certain age like me, admit that NFL free agency 2013 snuck up on you as it did me. Tuesday, we’re almost here.

Again, because I am that man of a certain age with obligations, I have not had the opportunity to read any debate regarding what our Bears should do. So I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts. Remember, with the franchise tag on Henry Melton, the Bears only (ONLY?) have under $4 million to spend-which has to account for a lot of other pieces other than the obvious. The obvious being their draft class, Brian Urlacher, Lance Louis, a nickel back to replace the departing D.J. Moore (I hope a re-signing of Kelvin Hayden) and hopefully a good deal on Israel Idonije.

Profootballtalk published its list of the top 100 NFL Free Agents yesterday. Unlike the days when Dave Wannstedt and Michael McCaskey were practically solely in charge of personnel, it’s actually a good thing that the top Bears free agent ranked is Brian Urlacher at #64. Back in those days, that proved that Wanny did truly suck at his drafting/signings. Now it means that the team has done a fastidious job of protecting their talent. Unlike the days when Alonzo Spellman was given $12 million before Jeff Graham was paid half that amount. Et cetera.

Moral of this free agency period; as much as we would like to see the Bears acquire Jake Long or Sebastian Vollmer, I personally don’t see that happening. As much as I’d love to. IF-and it’s an IF-the Bear Jew can play solidly at left guard, Louis recovers and plays strong again on the right side, J’Marcus Webb is better on the right side and a bargain LT could be signed and a top rookie drafted, that would be excellent. And let’s not forget that our center Roberto Garza-as solid as he plays-is in his waning days.

Since I have read a couple of excellent articles by the Sun-Times’ Sean Jensen, I like his ideas on acquiring a guard or tight end.

Around four days (or more if the Bears stay out of the big money) and we’ll all find out.

Speaking of Moore, as most of us know, D.J. isn’t coming back in 2013. Obviously he didn’t just land in Lovie Smith’s doghouse like many others, he must have been unimpressive to GM Phil Emery as well. I remember Moore stepping up as an undersized playmaker in 2010 and surprising, looking like a smaller version of another recent #30 for the Bears, Mike Brown. Since Moore isn’t coming back, I’d love to see 2012 Kelvin Hayden re-signed.

Oh, and according to Jensen, Brian Urlacher’s agent has presented the Bears with a contract proposal. Sure hope he’s back.

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  1. Bear jew????Better way of saying is Gabe

  2. Larry-just so it’s clear-”Bear Jew” is the nickname Carimi has taken for himself-not something I put on him!

    As a college player he took the nickname “The Jewish Hammer” or “The Hammer”. He explains that as The Hebrew Hammer was taken “they had to come up with something else”, and that the “hammer” aspect refers to his penchant for throwing opposing players down on the field.[1][72] A more recent nickname, following his being picked by the Chicago Bears, is “The Bear Jew”.[73] One of his favorite Jewish football players was a former Badger, Matt Bernstein, and he looks to 49ers former offensive linesman Harris Barton as a role model.[1]

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