Final Word: Bears’ 2009 Schedule

I’m the last person that is afraid of cold weather games.  I actually loved being at the coldest game in Chicago Bears history last December, with kickoff temperature near zero and the windchill much lower than that.  But who doesn’t love beautiful September and October games in Chicago?  Again, my problem with the schedule is that the Bears have only 2 home games in September and October, and 6 in November and December.

The Bears have been shut out of opening at home since 2004, and in this decade they have only hosted the season’s opening game twice (2004 and 2002, in Champaign, without the comfort of the lake breeze).  Also consider this:

  • NFC North dome teams Minnesota and Detroit have 3 home games in September and October.  Green Bay also gets 3.
  • Warm-weather teams Tampa Bay and Miami have 4 home games in September and October.

How the hell does that make sense from a fan-enjoyment standpoint?  If you were making the schedule, wouldn’t you think it more logical to give outdoor northern teams more games when the weather is temperate?

Of course I’m happy if the November/December weather truly gives the Bears an advantage in those games.  But it has been disproven that “Bear Weather” usually has anything to do with the team winning in the long run.

I will not be complaining if it is 3 degrees at kickoff again when Minnesota comes to town on Monday night December 28th.  But I will wish that we had a couple more dates to tailgate in short sleeves.

2 Responses to “Final Word: Bears’ 2009 Schedule”

  1. I predict 10-6 for Da Bears and playoffs.

  2. ah c’mon roy. you must be gettin soft now or somethin. you can still wear short sleeves in december, just drink alot of whiskey and you’ll never know that your turning blue. seriously though. if the playoff race comes down to the last 2 months it would be nice to have the bears at home to wrap it up with 6 home games in november and december.

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