Favre Love

Dan Pompei does some gushing about Brett Favre in today’s Tribune. I get tired of this, but actually in my book, he deserves it. Who could possibly say Favre’s resurgence at age 38 isn’t amazing? I really hate the Packers, as I should as a Bear fan. I really hate that Brett Favre plays for the Packers. But since about 1996 it has been my personal opinion that Favre is the best quarterback that’s played the game.

David Haugh writes that the passing game should take some of the heat that’s been lumped on the running game. Plenty of heat to go around.

Today’s Bears notes from the Tribune.

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2 Responses to “Favre Love”

  1. Hey, Favre kinda reminds me of an old Rex Grossman … er, …. um,

    Regarding the passing game, it’s pretty sad to see the number of dropped balls Bernard Berrian has and then relaize he is our best/most productive receiver.

  2. Hey Jeff-Favre used to be a young Grossman, like in 1993 when he threw for, I believe, 30 interceptions. Problem for us, he became Brett Favre instead of remaining Rex Grossman (who of course was 12 years old at that time).

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