Experts: Bills Win First Over Bears

According to the “experts” (as of Friday morning anyway), the Bears are falling so fast that they won’t even defeat the league’s last winless team.

Both of Profootballtalk’s pickers have the Bills.  Founder Mike Florio even says that the Bears “remain in denial regarding its deep and profound flaws.”  Ouch.  Sam Farmer of the LA Times care of Chicago Tribune also picks the Bills.

It would be very easy for me to say I have so little faith that I don’t think the Bears will beat the 0-7 Bills either.  I’m not going to go that far, but I’ll say I wouldn’t be surprised for a moment if the Bears lose.  I certainly hope they don’t, and I will say that if they do lose, the wheels will officially come off of the 2010 season.

4 Responses to “Experts: Bills Win First Over Bears”

  1. Man I would love the Bears to prove the “experts” wrong on this one. What could they possibly mean by “deep” AND “profound”? isn’t it the same thing? That’s some motivation for the Bears to destroy the Bills!
    They’re probably just playing the odds that each week, the chances of having a team still winless should go down. Hence a Bills win; but as Tommie Harris said about it, if I remember correctly, the thing is “not to let them win”. And I expect the Bears to just do that.
    Actually, I could still live with a loss IF the offense shows some kind of progress and domination at the scrimmage.

    Go Bears!

  2. We are DONE for 2010 if we lose this game, and the only reason to watch the remainder of the season would be to see Hester get the kick return record. Going to 5-3 would keep us alive, but it would still be a tough road to the playoffs with the brutal second half schedule we have.

  3. I hope and pray that the Bears don’t lose this game. Yes the Bills are 0-7 but they play hard every week! They lost to KC in overtime and put up like 34 on Baltimore. I don’t care if Buffalo wins every other game on their schedule the rest of the year, as long as they don’t win this one! I’d really like to see “sprinkles” of a running game and short passing game, Jay is always looking passed the short man and trying to push it downfield. Jay we all love the big one, but we’d rather see a couple of little ones in lieu of an interception or overthrow. BELIEVE!!!!! In conclusion, I hate Randy Moss(and T.O. and every diva wideout) but WHY NOT????? We should’ve taken a shot at this D-bag! If he jerks around, kick him to the curb! Smart move Titans. I like the guys we have at WR, but we need a real #1. I think this team is close to being a real Super Bowl contender, they just need a #1 receiver(and maybe an OC who isn’t so arrogant). Like Andy says we have a brutal 2nd half schedule, and we need another bullet in the chamber. Anyways, I’m out, GO BEARS! BEAR DOWN!

  4. Haha, eat it Florio! Yes I’m celebrating a win over the Bills, so what?

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