Expert Picks Begin to Roll In

It’s that time of year again, already, when the “experts” begin to pick the finish of NFL teams.  I see via the Chicago Tribune that Sports Illustrated is picking the Chicago Bears to finish in 3rd place in the NFC North with an 8-8 record.  According to SI, the Bears will finish behind the wildcard 10-6 Detroit Lions.  Ouch!

And speaking of ouch, I noticed while reading the most recent issue of ESPN the magazine this morning that they have the Bears finishing 7-9.

No respect, as usual.

The way I see it, and the thing that still kills me about how 2010 ended, is the Bears had a perfect storm to sneak into the Super Bowl last year.  Easy schedule and a monumentally fortunate season when it came to injuries.  This year the schedule is significantly tougher, and I don’t know if it will be possible for them to remain fortunate on the injury front.  The first month of the schedule is brutal.

I don’t know if Brian Urlacher knows something we don’t, but a week or two back on Bears All Access, his exact words were “you always think you’re going to have as much success as you did the previous season; pick up where you left off.  It never seems to turn out that way.”

The defense is aging, and the window is again closing as it did after the 2006 Super Bowl season.  Here’s hoping they have another strong year or two left in them.

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  1. The thing is, the schedule at the beginning last year looked tougher than this one does at the beginning of the year. In the end, Minnesota and Dallas wasn’t as good as advertised. I’m personally wasn’t surprised since I knew the Childress-Favre saga had a chance to be ugly, and Dallas was overrated as usual. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if one of the three NFC South teams have down seasons, along with the likes of KC. Of course, there is always a chance a team that wasn’t suposed to be any good comes around.

    And spare me the DET love already. I hear this every year how they are the sleeper team. And every year, they suck. I will agree they are better than they were before, but it had to happen eventually. They couldn’t possibly get any worse. In any case, I’m glad the Bears have this projection. They always play better when they are not “respected”.

  2. Right on JDM. I will not give Detroit any credit until they can pull out a winning season. This might be their winning season, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I can see them going 9-7 or so but we’ll see. Agreed that they always do better when they’re not respected as well…but I wouldn’t be completely surprised if they turned out to be a 6-10 team with all this dissension going on in the locker room. It sounds like the Bears players just don’t care about the team.

  3. I totally agree.
    Those “experts” firmly believe that a team that was strong one year has 90% chances being strong the next and hence talk about this supposed “strength of schedule”. Just like one of their other favorite that good defenses blitz over and over again. I didn’t look for other teams but for the bears this notion is a total fallacy as the Urlacher quote says: last year we beat a 12-4 team twice, 11-5 teams thrice and a 9-7 team once, and on the other end, we lost to previously 4-12, 5-11 and 8-8 teams. They’re always serving us the same stuff with “proven values” plus a couple random surprises here and there to spice it up and make it ingestible.
    Last year I felt like it would be a last hurrah for the defense; now with the Briggs issue to add to the thinness of the LB corps, and injuries that this season, may not spare us, the offense might carry us. But who know, with all those new faces, plus I think I’d be more worried if the “experts” had picked us for the playoffs.

  4. Perno, this Bears can team can go 5-11 or they can go 12-4, and neither result will shock me. All I know is they aren’t the favorites for the division. Obviously, the defending Super Bowl champions deserve that distinction, and DET is now everyone’s newest darlings. Fine with me. The Bears have enough talent to win, but they can easily falter, which is pretty much life in the NFL for most teams.

  5. why do the bears play football? they should wear skirts and cheerlead

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