Ex-Bears in the Coaching Ranks

It’s Friday, and a writer in the “real” media pens something that isn’t incorrect or a half-truth.  Hopefully this will be a good day coming up.

In today’s Tribune, Dan Pompei identifies all of the ex-Bears that are assistants on staffs around the league.  And the Bears are not employing a single one of them.  I didn’t know a few of these guys were coaching, such as Mark Carrier and Al Harris.

I think Lovie made it abundantly clear he will not be doing so in the future after he gave us Bob Babich to replace a popular ex-Bear.

2 Responses to “Ex-Bears in the Coaching Ranks”

  1. Hey, who am I to second guess Lovie SmitH? It’s not like a former Bears player ever led them to the Superbowl (or a top five defense two years running, for that matter). … ahwe, nevermind …

  2. Wow! I didnt realize some of those guys were coaching either.

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