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Back in July, I was contacted by, and talked to, Andy Kamenetzky and Brian Kamenetzky, two freelance writers from Los Angeles.? The brothers were working on an article with an interesting premise.? Seems that they grew up in St. Louis as huge Cardinal football fans, but were left in the cold in 1988 when that franchise moved to Phoenix.? They’re now embarking on a nationwide tour and search for a new football team to follow, since L.A. doesn’t have one, of course.

So, I was?tasked with trying to convince them to permanently jump on the Bears’ ship.?

I talked to Brian and Andy in July for over 90 minutes.? My friend Brian Grabowski did as well (yes, he’s truly a Grabowski), he of the many Bear-Cub diatribe/tangent/meltdowns.

Apparently, Brian and I didn’t do a good job of convincing them.? Or I think they’re just afraid of cold weather.? I can’t type the whole article, and it’s not available online (only in the latest edition of the magazine), but here was our two sentences:

July 18 (Brian): I dial up Bears fan Roy Taylor of He emphasizes two things: history and balls.? As in having the balls to stick with a team whose 87-year existence has included sporadic winning and December tailgates so cold that beer turns into beer-cicles.? Not sure if I’m ready to have my fandom turn into Man vs. Wild, so I ask my pal J.T., a groomsman at my wedding and Chicago native, if I would have trouble fitting in with Bears fans.? “You might,” he says ominously.? Never mind.

So the Bears were eliminated immediately.? The only consolation is the Packers didn’t make either his or his brother’s list of teams to consider.? Nice.? They don’t know what they’re missing.

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