Emery New Bears GM

For an organization that seems to move at a snail’s pace when it comes to making big decisions-that was rather quick. One day after conducting their final interviews, the Bears have named former scout Phil Emery as their new General Manager. Emery replaces the fired Jerry Angelo.

Emery was the reported front-runner for the job all along. His reported positives include drafts for the Bears in which he helped select Brian Urlacher, Mike Brown, Olin Kreutz, Lance Briggs and later-round finds such as Warrick Holdman, Roosevelt Colvin, Jerry Azumah and Alex Brown. He also played a part in successful drafts for Atlanta and Kansas City. He has been reported to be a tireless worker and enjoys hands-on scouting in the field.

At the same time, Emery was a part of Jerry Angelo’s scouting staff that selected Roosevelt Williams, Michael Haynes and Rex Grossman with high draft choices. In fairness, none of us know what exact role he played in these picks.

Only time will tell if Emery is an upgrade from the fired Angelo, or if Emery is a true GM (will he honestly be able to make a coaching change, or is Lovie Smith running the show?

Most of us fans would prefer to see the team President, GM, head coach and scouting staff on the same contractual timetable, and if the Bears continue to go (or remain) in the tank, the house can be cleaned.

Am I the only one that’s wondering if when Emery is introduced, we’re going to hear that Ted Phillips received a raise and extension to match the new GM?

Anyone excited? Not that it matters, the die is cast.

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  1. Not excited by this hire at all. I heard Mike Florio on the Score the other day, where he said that other scouts recently were laughing when Emery was telling them he would be the new GM of the Bears. Nobody actually believed him and laughed at the idea…what does that say?

  2. Welcome to Chicago Phil. I’m excited you are not Tim Ruskell… I’m willing to give you a fair chance and hope you do a good job.

  3. Hopefully he does a good job. Will be very interesting to see his plan for both FA & the draft.

  4. I’m with jdm. I’m not particularly excited by the choice, but the prospect of the change still excites me. So I’m not more excited than I was a week ago, but I am still very excited compared to a month ago. It’s hard to get a judge on how good he will be, but I’m willing to give him a fair chance.

  5. I’m excited for the change, only time will tell what happens. Got get ‘em, Phildo!

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