Dysfunctional Bears

In 2001 when it was announced that Bears’ VP of Personnel Mark Hatley would be leaving based on a “mutual parting of ways”, team President Ted Phillips was asked by a reporter if the Bears were an “organization in disarray.”  Phillips took obvious offense to the comment, but one couldn’t argue with the reporter after the port-Jerry Vainisi years under Mike McCaskey, then Mike’s firing at the hands of his Mom in 1999, then further futility in 1999-2000.

Just yesterday, Yahoo! released a list of the Most Dysfunctinal Ownership Groups in the NFL, penned by Michael Silver.  Not surprising, they rank the Bears as third most dysfunctional in the NFL.  Wow!  They even rank the Lions as less dysfunctional as the Bears.

It’s a good read, check it out.

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  1. wow, it hurts me to say but i agree with the article

  2. The Bears are like a daytime soap opera..and Lovie covers for them instead of managing with an iron fist…

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