Ditka and Ryan Unite? !

I haven’t seen any footage, but according to Melissa Issacson of ESPN Chicago, Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan have buried their hatchets for the first time since the latter’s departure from the Bears in January 1986?

And those are huge, sharp hatchets.  For anyone unfamiliar with the deep hatred between the two that has simmered for more than two decades, read my article on the Ditka-Ryan feud.  I’m mighty proud of this piece I researched and wrote back in 2003, even after it was blatantly ripped off by a print publication.

This is big news.  Doesn’t make the 2010 Chicago Bears any better though, unfortunately.

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  1. Yeah, the 1985 Reunion was terrific. There was Ditka and Buddy up there embracing. As Ditka put it, there were “two head coaches on that team”.

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