Distinguished Bear Left Tackles

The most important position on the offensive line has been manned by these guys in Chicago. Since 1991….Stan Thomas. Troy Auzenne. Bernard Robertson. Mike Gandy. Quasim Mitchell. Now, John St. Clair. David Haugh pumps him up in his article today.

In fairness, there were also a few solid players in those years: Andy Heck, Blake Brockermeyer, John Tait. That’s 3 guys in the last 17 years since the retirement of Jim Covert, and all three were mid-tier free agent signees. No Bear home-grown LT since Covert was drafted in 1983. Some people reading this site weren’t even born then.

This was all supposed to be fixed with the drafting of Chris Williams. Now the Bears say he’ll be out until late November, but pundits don’t believe he will play in 2008.

My feelings on St. Clair? I’ve said it before, I think he’s a wonderful backup. Filled in admirably for Tait for 2 games in 2005, and started a game in 2007. Didn’t hear his name called once, which is what you want from an offensive lineman. But back when I didn’t even get to watch a lot of other NFL games, I remember him starting at RT for St. Louis and getting killed in a game at Tampa. I actually felt sorry for the Rams, which was very hard for me back then.

St. Clair seems like a great person and again, is an excellent swing backup on the OL. But I’m very, very scared with him at LT. You’ll see.

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  1. I’m with you, BearsHistory dot com guy. The thought of D. Freeney and J. Peppers lining up opposite St. Clair should give Orton and Grossman nightmares. Almost enough to make one of them concede the starting job to the other. I don’t envy either one of them this year. Especially the immobile Grossman. Watch that blindside! POW! Too late.

  2. This year is going to be fun to watch. I have no other view as a Bears fan than to believe to believe that every Bears player is the best at his position in the entirity of the league. Ditka vs. the NyY Giants 24-21 Ditka. On a late Ditka field goal.

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