Devin Hester, How Good is This Guy?

Was watching the game tonight with a great friend and neighbor who happens to be a huge football fan but a Florida native (Bucs fan).  Was glad to have a good friend witness history with me when Mr. Ridiculous set the NFL record for return touchdowns.

But I had to explain to him-hard as it is to believe-that this guy has blown away the previous record holder that set this record over 12 seasons… five seasons.  It’s so RIDICULOUS it’s hard to explain.  Making it even more ridiculous is how Hester took a two year hiatus from return touchdowns.

When DEVIN FOR SEVEN returned the second half kickoff to the Minnesota seven yard line, barely missing setting the record, I said “how the hell does this guy get free?’  Then on his next return, a punt, there he was again, into the endzone, breaking the game open, clinching the division title for the Bears.

Thanks for the memories Devin.  Keep it up.

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