DE Gaines Adams is a Bear

See what happens when you become an adult with a career, wife and family?  You get off work on a Friday and start attending to family business and miss any news that comes in during the day/evening.

It was Saturday morning before I learned that the Bears traded their second-round pick in 2010 to Tampa for DE Gaines Adams.

Wow.  Trades don’t often happen in the NFL.  Most of them are some scrub for a seventh-round pick.  You don’t see many of these, and we used to NEVER see the Bears maneuvering like they have done in the last 8 months.

Adams was the fourth overall pick of the 2007 draft and I know he has underachieved somewhat in his 37 games in Tampa.  Quite the stunning move for the Bears.  One thing it most certainly signals is that Adawale Ogunelye’s days as a Bear are over come January (or hopefully February).  Adams is young, has potential and a reasonable contract through 2012.  Ogunelye is a free agent following the season, angling for his last superstar contract in the NFL.

If Adams pans out, this is a stellar move for the Bears to get younger and better for the future.  If it doesn’t, they’ll have to look again in 2011.

It also means the Bears are without a pick in the first two rounds of the draft two years in a row.  Looks like management wants to win now, which is great to hear.

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  1. Competition breeds output.
    Adewale probably thought the Bears would never let him go if he has a stellar year.
    Now with bringing this kid in, the Bears have a replacement if someone overbids them for Wale’s services.
    In addition, Wale may perform EVEN BETTER knowing that he may have less snaps getting the Clemson product acclimated. PLUS it is never a bad thing to have crazy depth at the DE position in the Tampa 2.
    The Bears management continues to shock me this year.
    Trading for QB’s and DE’s? I am looking for the pod where the former Jerry Angelo’s body is. This new JA must be a bodysnatcher.

  2. I was out with some friends last night a friend informed me of the trade through a text message, but I didnt get all the details until I got home quite late.

    I personally love this trade and saw it as insurance in case Ogunleye demands a contract too large. I have heard many other fans talking about franchising Ogunleye after this season. I only franchise Ogunleye if he puts up 15-17 sacks this season, otherwise I let someone else over pay for his services. In reality I’d give Ogunleye a 2-3 year deal, but with Adams here, he’s really not needed assuming Marinelli can work with him.

    Atleast with this, one hopes Angelo doesnt draft his yearly DE now that he traded a pick away for one. Angelo’s drafted one in every draft but 2005.
    Henry Melton – 2009
    Ervin Baldwin – 2008
    Dan Bazuin – 2007
    Mark Anderson – 2006
    Claude Harriot – 2004
    Michael Haynes – 2003
    Alex Brown – 2002

  3. This does not mean Wale’s gone

    Adams is best suited as a situational pass rusher. He’s also signed through 2012 for reasonable cap rates.

    Wale and Brown can continue starting, while Adams serves on third down.

    And that’s exactly what you will see with him this season.

  4. I don’t know if this is underachieving. As Football Outsiders pointed out on Twitter:

    Through first 24 games:
    Mario Williams: 8.5 sacks.
    Gaines Adams: 11.0 sacks.

    Average sacks for a top five DE through first two years (i.e. 32 games)(since 96): 12.3.

    Sounds to me like Adams is actually doing quite well for a young DE. He just hasn’t been focused on, for whatever reason.

  5. Yeah fans want instant production. Looking at our own past.. Richard Dent had 17.5 sacks in his second season. Alex Brown never has had more than 6 sacks in a season.

    And to look at other great players..Michael Strahan took awhile to get his sack numbers up.

    So it really all depends…This could turn out to be a great trade for us, or a not so great trade. Only time will tell. I think with a great D-Line coach like Marinelli..we have some hope there.

  6. Apparently he’s needed with the D-line play tonight. Way too many blitzes.

    Now, can we pull someone to be the hopeful on the O-line? We’re running out of draft picks.

  7. I’m a Bears fan living in Tampa. All the sports writers and fans on call-in sports talk shows are shocked the Bucs were able to get a 2nd round pick for Gaines Adams. The Bucs beat writer for one of the papers down here said “maybe the Bucs have some blackmail-worthy photos of Jerry Angelo or something” when he was explaining how the Bucs didn’t end up with a 4th or later round pick. EVERYONE down here hates Gaines Adams and has labeled him a bust. I have no idea since I watch the Bears every Sunday and not the Bucs – but just find it interesting how both sides seem to think they got away with a good one here. Time will tell!

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