Day After the Disaster

Rashied Davis tells Brad Biggs how bad he feels for missing the catch of a perfect ball that would have given the Bears first-and-10 close to field goal range in overtime. His second huge drop in two weeks.

But of course, every player’s buddy Lovie says “Rashied will make those catches in the future.” Blah, blah. These things are no big deal, right fans? As long as he keeps trying hard, it’s OK.

Seems to me the Bears keep bitching and moaning and griping about the penalty call that sealed the defeat. They’re mouthing and insisting the NFL look into it and dish out fines. I might hope they take that energy and next time remember to walk away instead of getting goaded into doing something stupid that cost them a game.

I’m sure by now everyone has heard Buccaneer tackle Jeremy Trueblood’s claims of ball-grabbing in that final scrum. Interesting.

Trueblood is complaining about getting a little pinch, at least he didn’t rupture his spleen, which it seems that Packer corner Al Harris did. Harris may miss the season. I hate the Packers, but also hate to hear about a guy busting an internal organ. Football is indeed a rough sport.

I know Marty Booker is old–6 years younger than me is definitely old–but am I the only one that wonders why he’s getting virtually zero attention?

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