Davis: We’ll Destroy the Bears

Not sure Mike Singletary likes his players mouthing off.  But they are.  Vernon Davis says the 49ers will “destroy their [the Bears] guys up front.”  Can you blame him?  I really can’t.  What opponent wouldn’t think this?

7 Responses to “Davis: We’ll Destroy the Bears”

  1. some one finally is speaking the truth

  2. Well the last guy to smack talk the Bears (Ochocinco)..we’ll we all know what happened.

  3. I’m sure eveyone they play thinks it, it’s just a matter of having the chestnuts to say it. I don’t blame him either. I was a little offended at first, but it’s all true.

  4. I think it’s safe to assume they will, unless our team proves otherwise.

  5. Let’s hope they actually listen to what he said and get fired up…. if not then ….pfff

  6. I don’t know why this is even a big deal. It’s not even like he’s really talking smack, he’s just telling it like it is. Both lines for the Bears are pretty useless. They made the Cardinals, the team who can’t run at all, look like a great running team. That’s when they weren’t getting shredded like a Pop Warner team in the passing game.

  7. Good comments everyone, sounds like you agree. Who can argue with him until the Bears prove they can stop someone?

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