Davis: “People Put Stuff on Me”

Ah, Rashied Davis.  I was so happy for this guy in 2006.  A former arena football player that took his game to the next level and apparently succeeded, making several CLUTCH receptions in the Super Bowl year to win games.

Then in 2007/2008, the memories that stick in my brain are “it’s third-and-eight, there’s Rashied Davis wide open for a 12-yard….THE BALL HIT HIM IN THE HANDS!”  This happened multiple times.

I suspect the “people that put things on him” in his mind are the fans.  It’s always the fan’s fault, right?  Cade McNown, Rex Grossman, Davis, all of their problems were because the average fan making a living wage got upset and expected them to earn their millions.

But according to Davis, apparently him dropping catchable passes was not his fault.  In a Tribune article by Vaughn McClure, Davis says “Then I had the bad year in ’08, which was not that bad a year. It was my best year here, but I felt like a lot people put a lot of stuff on me like it was all my fault. So I was angry.”

This is a new one.  We’ve seen all kinds of crazy statements from athletes, but saying dropped passes that hit him on the hands weren’t his fault?  Wow.

I hope Davis can return to 2006 form, and he makes the team busts out and becomes the Bear version of Az Hakim.  For his sake and the team’s.  But until he does start catching passes thrown to him again, it would be nice to not hear him blame the dropsies on anyone else.

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  1. A-Fucking-Men’!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rashied cost us the Week 3 game against Tampa (As did Charles Tillman..but if Davis had caught that pass in OT..I think we would have been in FG range.) There’s some other game he cost us as well that year. Rashied makes two plays the Bears win 11 games and make the playoffs in 2008 rather than the 9-7 they were.

  3. Agreed Scott, thank you for emphasizing my point. Davis dropped some critical passes in 2008. I never wanted to see him on the field as a receiver in 2009. And yes, I still think that penalty against the Bears and Tillman was complete BS, but these professionals have to know when to stop the fighting as it is ALWAYS the last guy that gets flagged.

  4. Rashied Davis, Droppopotamus. It wasn’t just the “clutch” drops. It was all the 3rd and longs that never got the chance to turn into first downs. That impacteed sooooo many games.

  5. Hey, when I saw a couple days ago an article stating Davis was in good position to make the final roster, 1) I had trouble beleiving this and 2) I thought “oh-oh, Roy is going to bitch about That one”. And now, butterfinger tells us it’s the fans fault??? All right Rashied, I’ll stop inserting pins into my davis Vudu doll …

  6. Wow Sven, I guess I have been complaining about Davis since 2008!

  7. Perhaps you could sell “complaining about Davis since 2008″ T-shirts or bumper-stickers! I’d buy one.
    Maybe the different state of mind he is now in is going to help with the drops. If he can keep a strong mental on gameday … That would be nice.

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