Da Coach Weighs in on Cutler

Since everyone else in the world has recently chosen to share their opinions on the Bears’ acquisition of Jay Cutler recently, former Bears coach and legend Mike Ditka weighs in on him in the Chicago Tribune today.

“If he they win with Cutler, he will own this city,” Ditka said.  “He can have my key.”  What he doesn’t want it any more?  Won’t he be disappointed when people no longer go to his restaurant with the horrible service?

Sam Farmer, who wrote the article, said “Ditka insists that he doesn’t have a pipeline into the Bears on their day to day decisions.”  Glad he cleared that up, I would have sworn that Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo routinely consulted Ditka for advice.

In other news, another athlete complains about the fans.  Today, it’s Tommie Harris.  Harris laments in a Tribune article that “people love you when you’re hot and when you’re not, they try to expose the obvious.”  At least his shot was veiled.

Why do professional athletes that make exponentially more money in a few years than I will in my entire lifetime complain when people expect them to perform for their riches as every one of the rest of us has to perform in our daily grind?  I just don’t get it.

2 Responses to “Da Coach Weighs in on Cutler”

  1. I try to call Ditka whenever I’m having a hard time making a decision, but he never picks up :(

    To Tommie Harris: If you don’t like it then go get a job in your college major of “University Studies”. Oh that was a BS major for you to get into the NFL? Well then start playing better. I’m in sales, if I’m doing well everyone leaves me alone. If I falter you know I get an ear full!

  2. Well said, Perno…

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