“Da Bears” Reading June 19th

Tickets go on sale this Saturday at Ticketmaster.com for a June 19th live reading of “Da Bears Movie Dat Wasn’t,” featuring George Wendt, Robert Smigel and Mike Ditka himself.

The screenplay was written, but never produced, in the mid-1990′s, featuring our favorite Saturday Night Live sketch.  What a shame that is.  The June 19th show will also include Superfans sketches and a Q&A session with Ditka.

4 Responses to ““Da Bears” Reading June 19th”

  1. That’s a movie I would’ve loved to see.

  2. Me too, Doug. Me too. If we would have had one more Super Bowl, we’d have seen it!

  3. In my own personal “7 Degrees Of Separation” moment yesterday, I discovered that my wife’s cousin’s husband’s uncle (my cousin-in-law’s uncle-in-law, if you will) is Red Cashion, who was the head referee for the Chicago Bears victory in SuperBowl XX.

  4. Cool! Ah yes, Red Cashion was one of my favorites to watch growing up. FIRRRRSSSST DDOOOOOOWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

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