Cutler Will Make Receivers Better

I agree with Jerry Angelo when he recently said Jay Cutler will make the Bears’ raw receiving corps better.  That’s the subject of an article by the Sun-Times’ Brad Biggs from Sunday.  All I can continue to think of is how Brett Favre made receivers and running backs like Antonio Freeman, Edgar Bennett, Dorsey Levens and Donald Driver look like Hall of Famers.  After each of those guys had a chance to play without Favre (Freeman and Levens with the Eagles, Bennett with the Bears, Driver with a Favreless Packers) they all looked pedestrian.

I’m holding out hope, sure, but I really do think Cutler will improve the play of the receivers, and the receivers will not drag down Cutler’s play.

In other news, today the Tribune’s blog reports that the Bears will face stiff competition from the Patriots to land the services of linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa.  I doubt the Bears get into a war for the undersized linebacker, but it would be a nice little addition.

It’s real rough trying to find things to write about in May…so thanks for sticking around.

3 Responses to “Cutler Will Make Receivers Better”

  1. I also agree. Between Iglesias and Knox I’m convinced one of them will have a decent season…then you’ve got Bennett and Rashied Davis to battle out another spot, and Hester will be better than he was last year…still one of the fastest people on the earth. Not to mention Greg Olsen who will have an outstanding year and the always reliable Des Clark…oh I didn’t mention one of the best receiving RB’s in the league Matt Forte! Believe me, Cutler has plenty of options and he’s smart enough to figure out how to use these guys to his/the Bears advantage.

  2. Let’s not forget when ORton was at his best, the offense moved just fine. When Orton was playing injured and his mechanics were out of wack, the offense didn’t do as well.

  3. Great point JDM. Just imagine if we had a QB that doesn’t stare down receivers. Oh we do? Fantastic!

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