Cutler, Smith “100% Comfortable” with WR’s

Mike Kemmeter of reports that Jay Cutler is “100% comfortable” with the receivers he has, while head coach Lovie Smith has no question in his mind that Devin Hester is a number 1 receiver.

I know, what are they both going to say?  But I know that the receiving corps can’t get any worse than it was last year with Rashied Davis as a starter.  I’ll be very disappointed if Davis makes the team over a Brandon Rideau or Johnny Knox.

I’ve said it before-it seems that you couldn’t find a much better person than Davis.  But I saw enough critical drops from him in 2008 to know that I really don’t want to find him in a Bears uniform anymore.

4 Responses to “Cutler, Smith “100% Comfortable” with WR’s”

  1. Bring in Plaxico… he of the winning TD catch in SuperBowl 42

  2. I’ve had this conversation with many people. Orton had a crap of a receiving core last season. When he was healthy, the offense moved just fine. When he was playing hurt and his mechniacs were out of wack, the offense stalled. If the offense stalls this year, it is because the offensive line doesn’t block, not because the receivers are not very good.

  3. Agreed with you again JDM.

    I know Davis had a bad year with drops last year, but he was pretty good in 2007…maybe he’ll return to form? There are a lot of maybes for this team unfortunately.

  4. If there is anything to worry about it should be our secondary. Last year teams passed the ball at will. There were lots of late game comebacks that we should of won. Also what are we gonna do if cutler gets injured??

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