Cutler Out Against Panthers

If this were an Outlook e-mail, I’d put one of those red exclamation points along with it.

Jay Cutler has started 57 straight games in his career.  It took the 2010 Chicago Bears offensive line to knock him out for the first time.  Today it was announced that Todd Collins is the starting quarterback of your Chicago Bears this week at Carolina.  Collins is an old guy…he’s my age (actually slightly younger), and still playing in the NFL.  Still cracks me up, I remember when Collins was one of the potential sleeper quarterbacks of the 1995 draft, along with Rob Johnson and Eric Zeier.  When Collins got his shot as the starter of the 6-10 Buffalo Bills, he played so well that he didn’t end up starting another game until the 2007 season with the Redskins.

I hope Collins works out.  Actually I should say for his sake that he stays healthy first.  But…there are so many things I could say right now about how this might work out that I’ll leave this to you.

2 Responses to “Cutler Out Against Panthers”

  1. To me, Hanie is clearly the QB with the most upside out of the two…but hopefully Collins proves me wrong on Sunday. Let’s just hope Jay gets better for next week.

  2. I like Hanie. I wish they’d give him a shot. Collins just looks old and brittle, from a purely football standpoint of course. I’m a little leary of his mechanics as well. Did anyone else notice that on the few passing plays they ran with Collins, he appeared to only take two steps back on his three-step drops? The O-line was right there on top of him. He just did not look comfortable at all. Can’t really blame him for being nervous though, the way Cutler got ripped to pieces. It will be interesting to see how he performs with a week’s worth of reps under his belt. We will need a solid performance by our defense, some shred of a running game, and maybe even a return TD by Hester to pull a victory out I think.

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