Cutler Likely Lost For Season in Win Over Chargers

Sometime after the second half of today’s rousing win over San Diego, there was a shot of Jay Cutler on the sideline.  He was talking to Caleb Hanie, and to the left of him was rookie third-string quarterback Nathan Enderle, who was in street clothes.  During this momentary glance at the scene, I wondered why Enderle was totally inactive and out of uniform.  I thought that while inactive, it was normal that the third-stringer would be dressed.  Not today for some reason.

Seems odd now that this happened, now that reports are that Cutler will miss the rest of the regular season at least after suffering a freak injury to his thumb.

Great win over the Chargers.  I got a little nervous early in the third quarter when San Diego tied it at 17.  Then thanks to Cutler’s deft hand, the Bears went on to win 31-20.

But I have a hard time writing any more about how great the win is, now that it looks like Cutler is most likely out for the balance of the season.  Let’s hope what we saw in 1.5 quarters of play last year from Caleb Hanie was for real.

If history is any judge, I will be optimistic that Mike Martz has had a way of taking backup quarterbacks and getting the most of them in the past (Kurt Warner, Mark Bulger, Hanie).  But only time will tell now.

Why, I might ask, can’t Aaron Rodgers suffer a freak injury?

3 Responses to “Cutler Likely Lost For Season in Win Over Chargers”

  1. We will see if Caleb Hanie has developed in the last 4 years. He’s one of the longest tenured backups in the league.

  2. If the defense can keep our opponents out of the game for the most part, Hanie may be able to settle into a ‘don’t lose it for us’ game manager role like Orton/Grossman did during our SuperBowl run a few years ago. I’m not drawing any parallels more than the injury itself when I mention that Brett Favre broke his throwing hand thumb in 2003 and was back in action 2 weeks later (the first week was their bye). Not saying that Cutler should try to be a hero or even that he and Favre are similar in any fashion, just that it isn’t unheard of for a QB to play with such an injury.

  3. Hannie has shown in the short period of time that he can complete some throws. Hell, he threw for over 150 yards in a little over a quarter in the NFC title game. And, this is when QB play was needed really bad. The Bears are going to have to win games 16-13 or 13-10 again. Out of their last six games, four of them are against crappy offenses, one of them is pretty good (Oakland), and one great (GB). This sucks, but it’s life in football.

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