Cutler Hate? What is Going On?

I had a very busy day yesterday, so I didn’t catch what happened with Mike Martz and Jim Mora on NFL Network until late in the day on the radio.  Apparently Martz and Mora entertained their viewers by spewing about what an arrogant, immature bad quarterback Jay Cutler came off as in his postgame press conference last Sunday.

I don’t get it.  Firstly, I watched him in the press conference and I didn’t see any problem.  But on a wider scale, I just can’t believe the amount of crap the guy has had to take since arriving as the best quarterback the Bears have had since Sid Luckman.  The way some writers write and talkers talk, you’d think the QB with the most skills in Chicago in a half-century was nothing more than Cade McNown and Rex Grossman put together.

The Bears may not beat Pittsburgh, that’s a tough task with their defense reeling, but I still stand behind Jay.  And it’s only the second damn week of the season, let’s remember!

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  1. What I have noticed is that coaches are in special faterinty, meaning they don’t dare to rip on each other. Ditka is a prime example. Whenever I saw him on ESPN, he would never rip on a coach for anything. It was either the players or the front office. Other than that, it’s just the flavor of the week. If Cutler lights up the Steelers (unlikely, but they can still win), he will get his ass kissed. It’s just how the media works.

  2. The problem is that they’ve become talking heads on a network. It’s now their job to over-analyze and micro manage everything that they see. They saw a player have a bad game in a new system (or at least a system that’s new to him) with new players and they attacked it. It gives them talking points… period. I’m sick of the negativity that’s come out about Cutler this week, it was his first real game and the offense was out of sync, it happens. I was listening to WSCR this morning (and I don’t know why, it’s poison for any Chicago sports fan) and here’s Danny Mac basically calling for the entire coaching staff to be replaced. I wanted to tear my hair out because WHEN the Bears smoke Pittsburgh they will all spin the story and he will be the second coming of Christ. The bottom line is that these guys are all full of s**t. True fans know the difference between a shaky first game with a new team and a bad player. This is unfortunately one of those aggravating weeks that will soon be ancient history. Have faith Bears fans. Also…. completely unrelated…. Roy: I’d like to get your thoughts on the Payton statue fiasco that’s unfolding. Isn’t it more realistic to allow a statue of a player who was perhaps more associated with the Bears and Soldier Field than any other Bears player in history outside of the home stadium than cause a big stink about it? The stadium is dedicated to the vets and that will never change, but come on it’s associated more with the Bears than anything else. Would it be totally unacceptable to have a statue of the most beloved Bears player of all time?

  3. It’s important to stay positive and keep a long view. My thoughts exactly.

    Let’s stay positive, Bears fans!

  4. my wife also, told me Jay looked totally immature… I guess Mora and Martz just repeat what their wives tell them and expect a scoop. I just think he is VERY ambitious and wanted to do too much. Still, I’d rather have a quarterback with potential that just needs to settle down rather than a quarterback that has to play above his abilities. I’m sure he learned a lot in that game and perhaps we’ll find him less jumpy against the Steelers! I can’t wait for that game! plus Bowman is in…

  5. Brad-I like your comments-you know what you’re talking about. I would love to see a Payton statue at Soldier Field. Sounds like once it started getting publicity the park district started caving.

    Sven-My only fear is that Bowman just can’t stay healthy. I sure hope he does. It’s a shame about Vasher. He was 2004′s version of Bowman and I just don’t know why he lost the electricity he used to have.

  6. Yes, that’s why I don’t want to miss that game as it might be his sole in 2009. Too bad Vasher had that one bad play at the end of the game because until then the packy receivers were unheard of. The whole defensive effort was a delight: I get a chuckle everytime I rethink of Rodgers being dropped by Manning for a safety, just the way he fell to ground dumbfounded and hopeless: lovely.

    Long live your blog Roy.

    Go bears!

  7. I guess Jim Mora Sr. is resting on that perfect postseason record. He never won a playoff game, his teams always choked when it mattered most! As long as Cutler doesn’t pull a McNown and rip the Bears fans, he’ll be fine.

  8. It is just more flavor of the week crap. Do you remember when the analysts were saying that Green Bay’s offense was in midseason form during the preseason and that they would smoke the Bears defense on opening day? Until the game winning pass (thrown over a stumbling Vasher with no safety help over the top) the Packers offense was NON-EXISTENT. Green Bay’s offense looked shaky (They had more dropped passes than Cutler had interceptions). Cutler was shaky and the receivers never really got in sync with him (other than the fabulous 3rd quarter when everyone started to calm down).
    Well the same crap is happening now. The media (and many fickle, sickening-puke, so-called Bears fans who do not deserve to call themselves Bears fans)and spectators are talking about how horrible Cutler is going to be and what a big crybaby he is et al.
    LISTEN. The guy had a bad game. He is a competitor. He wants to WIN.
    They drag him into the postgame interview after the worst performance of his career, after losing to their biggest rival, and he felt disappointed. I WOULD HAVE BEEN PISSED IF HE WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN IN A BAD MOOD!!! So he got pissy about being asked a stupid question. (Did you not see the lineman on the red zone interception?)
    The kid has heart and he is going to help Chicago win MANY football games.
    Mark my words…WHEN THE BEARS DO WIN TOMORROW…all these fickle fans, reactionary,incompetent media types, and head coaches that were not good enough to keep their jobs but they can dissect a quarterback who is having his first start with a new team will be exactly where they were before last week……………………………………………………….
    …………………on Cutler’s nuts!

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