Curtis Enis Chicago Bears

Comment on the article about former Chicago Bears (turd) Curtis Enis, available at

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  1. Hi my name is annie enis my cousin curtis, was a bright young man he was good at what he did he came from a small town town union city ohio, curtis was a good football player, when u cum from a small town, sometime u get caught, up in the game, and forget where u cum from but he was the best and, and he had a lot of haters, because he came from a small town,it does not mean that, he was weak, or lame to the game, he was what, he was he was good at what he did and, and he was loved in union city ohio, curstis, i love, you and where ever u go u will suceed, lol, your cousin in Montgomery county. love u.annie

  2. I, think, this, paragraph, above, is, completely, and, utterly, retarded, how, can, you, understand, anything, with, so, many, god, damn, commas?

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