Curse you, Bears Schedule-Makers

Every year, I complain when the Bears don’t get to open at home (they haven’t since 2004) and when the majority of their home games happen after November 1st (this is happening more and more frequently).  There is nothing better than a beautiful Fall Sunday on the Chicago lakefront, and few things more brutal than a 3-degree night in the same place.

The NFL announced the 2009 schedule last night, and my disgust is off the charts as far as when the Bears have their home games.  I’ve never seen anything like this.  Get this-the Bears have 2–count ‘em 2-home games in the months of September and October.  Fully 6 of their home games will take place after November 1st, with another night game on Monday Night Football against the Vikings at Soldier Field on December 28th.  We all remember last year’s coldest game in history against the Packers.

I’m actually fine with that 12/28 game, especially against the domed Vikings, but come on, what did the best fans in football deserve to only get 2 home games when the weather will be nice?

You can see the full schedule with the Sun-Times’ writer’s predicted wins/losses on their site.

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  1. At least the Bears are opening against the Packers. was showing it as one of the games most people were looking forward to seeing on a poll they just ran.

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