Cue the Clown Car Music

I couldn’t say it any better than does.

And I quote:

“Now this is getting ridiculous.   The Bears have lowered their standards, and they’re still striking out [finding offensive coordinator candidates].”

This is in reference to the face that Pittsburgh offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti has declined to interview for the job.

Do you think Pitt coach Dave Wannstedt is having a little chuckle over this?  Knowing that the organization he failed over 12 years ago is still being run in an incompetent manner?

The Bears fired Ron Turner and his staff, only to have no plan of action and find out that no one that is more qualified than Turner wants the job.

Brilliant.  Bravo.

Should I submit my resume?  Maybe they’ll interview you or I because pretty soon they’re going to have no other choice.

5 Responses to “Cue the Clown Car Music”

  1. News Flash. Fire Lovie and fire him now. This team has no other option. Will they do it? Surely they finally see their is no other option. I’m calling it. You heard it here.

  2. No, theyre not going to fire Lovie. They’ll hire whatever lame duck coordinator they can. Mike Martz was finally interviewed today. I think he will take the 1 year job.

    To me this whole thing is going to ruin Jay Cutler.

  3. Ruin Cutler? Martz had John Kitna throwing for 4000 yards. Get him!

  4. Higgins: Remember who Kitna was throwing to. Megatron and Williams. Both those guys are beasts, the Bears don’t have any wide receivers that come close to the Bulk, size and strength of them.

  5. Williams is not a beast, never was. Was an ok reciever, but never a beast. He had one good year and Mike Martz was his coach. Megatron yes, Williams no. Ok then, he made JT O’Sullivan look like a serviceable quarterback. Better? He took a scared grocery bagger and turned him into a hall of fame quarterback. What do we have to lose? Nothing. Get him.

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