Coordinator Search Continues to Spin Wheels

So not only is the Bears’ offensive coordinator search seemingly a catastrophe, now so is the process to hire a defensive leader.¬† Today the New York Giants announced the hiring of Chicago’s top choice Perry Fewell.

And I repeat, Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith announced that candidates would covet the opportunity to work for the Bears.

6 Responses to “Coordinator Search Continues to Spin Wheels”

  1. There will be no viable OC or DC coordinator next year. No coach with any self respect would ever come into a situation like this. The DC would have to merely be a puppet for Lovie’s horrible scheme and the OC has to work under a lame duck regime and might have only one real year here. Who would do that? No one good.

    This is a 2nd rate organization with 2nd rate owners that don’t have a clue how to run a winning football team. That press conference and they fact that they think they’d get anyone to work under Lovie shows this utter detachment from reality they have. It’s a shame bc this is an organization that’s a pillar of the NFL and should be successful instead of the debacle it usually is.

  2. So this is what it feels like for Raiders fans when they try to hire a head coach. I just don’t understand how you can own or even be the president of an organization and you can’t bring anyone in because no one wants to work with your employees under the current situation. Maybe it is how the job is being marketed or viewed. I mean technically if the Bears win this season and make the playoffs not necessairly a lame duck year as Lovie most likely would be back and Angelo. Not saying bringins Lovie or Jerry back is what I want as a fan unless they win the Super Bowl but if they some how magically turn this team into a team that could at least make the playoffs I don’t see them getting let go. Heck given the Bears track record if Lovie gets them far enough they will probably extend his contract. With that said, if I were the owner there is no way I can step back and look at this situation and feel confident in my company/product. As owner, I may be even calling Tennessee and marketing Lovie as the coach that could take their program were they want to go and try to find a way out at this point. There are ways, just have to care and apparently no one in the organization really care about this “football” we speak of.

  3. How about Danieal Manning and Devin Hester being “converted” to coordinators? Oh wait, now this organization might make it happen.

  4. Mike Tice was hired today to be the new O-line coach. Decent. Still would like to see Carmichael from Saints come to the Bears as OC.

  5. Nice zinger Sven! And how unique, as the Bears always are, hiring a line coach before the coordinator so the new offensive leader can’t hire the coaches he’s most comfortable with. They probably want Tice as a fallback if no one else will take the job. I’m being serious about that.

  6. Hope springs eternal. 7-9, not 0-16, not 1-15, not 2-14. Put the gun down. We are not in a doomsday scenario. I almost got sucked in myself. We have some things to build on for next year, and the one glaring hole that we had last year (offensive line), is starting to be addressed. Also, screen passes won’t make up a majority of our passing game because Ron Turner is gone. Head’s up. Bear down!

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