Come on, Brian

Wow, now the player that did more to turn around Chicago Bears football since 2000 than any other, earning millions of dollars and at least previously a place in the hearts of many fans is making like Chad Johnson. Brian Urlacher is reportedly asking for a trade and threatening to retire if the $59 million contract he signed in 2003 is not renegotiated.

We’ve all tried to look the other way and still respect Chicago’s greatest current Bear despite more and more issues off the field over the last few seasons. And in 2007, issues beginning to occur on the field, with his performance. I’m seeing comments out there to “trade him and get a boatload of picks,” but that’s just not going to happen.

What a downer it is to see the guys you would expect to set a higher standard, act just like any other athlete in this day and age. Unfortunately all it does is make true fans further question how they can spend their limited, hard-earned funds on people that aren’t satisfied with $59 million in salary, millions of dollars in endorsements, and the adulation 99.9% of humans will never receive.

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  1. Brian Urlacher has been a leader on this team, he has bled navy and orange, he’s played hurt and hasn’t bitched………. unfortunately, he has also lost a step… and he knows it. Are the neck issues more serious than the organization has let on? Maybe yes and maybe no, but the fact is this: they were going to move him to the Will spot, and there was talk about possibly even a SS spot. Now I’m not trying to create a conspiracy theory here (plenty of those on the Bears message board), but the timing of all this seems a little odd to me. He signed what was the equivalent of a life deal, it was his choice to remain in Chicago for his entire career, and he was compensated MORE than fairly for it. I would hope that he is angry with himself for the performance in ’07, and wants to come back strong in ’08, but could it be possible that he is looking for a pay out because he knows deep down that he wont be around in a year? Hopefully ‘Lach is around for several more years, and hopefully he will address this issue himself so all the rumors can be laid to rest. I’d like to see him retire a Bear, but not this year.


    Hopefully thats the end of it.

  3. Roy,
    what do you think about those rumors of a Chad Johnson for Brian Urlacher trade? Ocho Cinco would no doubt be an upgrade over any receiver currently on the Bears roster.

  4. That’ll never happen, for so many other reasons than just the cap hits both teams would take. We need a receiver, yes, but not for Url.

  5. Yo Brian Douche-Bagger quit your lame ass baby whining and go get a real job like the majority of people who pay your inflated salary, not to mention buy-in to your inflated ego

    Playing a little kids game should be paid accprdingly to what value it brings to society which is little if any

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