Closer Look at the Cutler Trade

Today takes a closer look at the Cutler trade.¬† Their verdict seems to be that the Broncos really got fleeced, and in light of also not being able to land Matt Cassel, it’s not pretty for Bronco fans.

Can I just say again that it’s so nice for once, that everything doesn’t stink for the Bear fan?

2 Responses to “Closer Look at the Cutler Trade”

  1. I’m a Bronco fan, here’s my take:

    Cutler’s great, but man did the Bears give up A LOT!

  2. well tory we have a QB now and the broncos have acouple first round picks. that maybe, MAYBE, will turn out to be a good QB. good luck finding one in this years or next years draft. i think the broncos got hosed. thats just me though. so i say those draft picks are great, but man did the broncos give up A LOT!

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