Chris Brown Decision Near

The Chicago Tribune reports today that the Bears have indeed made an offer to running back Chris Brown, and that he will make a decision in the next five days.

Brown is a fairly accomplished veteran, having rushed for over 1,000 yards with the Titans in 2004, so I think he would make a very safe alternative to Cedric Benson.? But my reaction was huh?? Because I can’t remember a team keeping four running backs and two fullbacks on their roster.? Surely the Bears won’t be releasing Adrian Peterson or Garrett Wolfe.

So I found’s take on this interesting:

“We still can’t figure out why the Bears want him — maybe there’s something that none of us know about regarding one of the other guys on the depth chart.”

Interesting indeed.

4 Responses to “Chris Brown Decision Near”

  1. I like the move if it doesn’t damage the bottom line for future re-signing efforts. We have a few guys (Rex Grossman, Nathan Vasher, Charles Tillman to name a few) in contract years. Tommy Harris is due next season as well.

    Brown is a different style of back from Cedric Benson. Almost a poor-man’s Thomas Jones. At least he knows he’s competing for a backup role if he signs with the Bears. If we keep four backs on the roster, that extra guy has to get cut from somewhere else and we all know it WON’T be the defensive line.

  2. Nice comment Hawk, thanks. I agree. It’s just odd given that keeping 4 RB’s isn’t very common. I can’t see the Bears getting rid of any of the other three guys. Please tell me the Bears don’t know something like Benson getting in trouble or flunking a test of some sort……

  3. I wonder if Brown is just too good of a back to pass on for whatever price they’d be willing to sign him for. I guess we could start taking odds on WHICH position the cut would come from if Brown were signed.

  4. PFT says the NFL Network has reported Brown re-signed with Tennessee. No big deal…for now.

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