Chiefs Interested in David Terrell?

Perhaps the headline should be “thanks for making me laugh today, Brad” as Biggs reports that new Chiefs coach Todd Haley may be interested in checking out former bustout Bears receiver David Terrell.  The Michigan product was drafted by the Bears with the eighth overall pick in the 2001 draft.  His tenure in Chicago is remembered more for punching a valet parking attendant and screaming profanities at fans more than anything he ever did on the field.

The Bears cut Terrell prior to the 2005 season, then he tried out for the Patriots and Broncos, but has not seen meaningful NFL action since 2004.  Since Haley himself is remembered more for yelling at fans (for harassing offensive coordinator John Shoop on the sidelines in 2003), perhaps it’s a good match.

In other less funny news today, Bob LeGere of the Daily Herald reports that cornerback Zackary Bowman is making the most of his opportunities at cornerback, and offensive line coach Harry Heistand has always been a big fan of big tackle Orlando Pace, in another article from Biggs.

2 Responses to “Chiefs Interested in David Terrell?”

  1. Exactly why do the Chiefs want David Terrel?

  2. I’m surprised Terrel is still alive. Good for him.

    Everyone’s talking Zack Bowman and all the plays he’s making. Hopefully he stays healthy and remains the starter as Peanut Tillman was good at jarring footballs loose, but that’s about it.

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