Chicago Em-Bear-assed Again

The 2009 Chicago Bears season began with excitement.  Games were celebrations meant to be enjoyed.  Now they’re simply to be endured.  I’ve been a Chicago Bears fan for 31 seasons.  Unfortunately, have watched more than one season that made me embarassed to be a fan of this team.  Thankfully it’s been five years or so since I’ve had to say that.  But once again, after losing 4 in a row and 6 of the last 7, I’m embarrassed to be a Bears fan.

Although Lovie Smith will undoubtedly say after the game and throughout the week that 9-7 will sometimes get teams into the playoffs, and it’s a series of five one-game seasons the rest of the way or whatever brilliant motivational saying he’ll come up with, we know this season was over two losses ago.  And as I keep saying, if anyone thinks this 4-12 to 6-10 season is bad, wait until next year, when Smith, Angelo, Turner, the same tired scheme and overrated, underperforming players will be back with no draft picks to be exited about.  I can’t even bear at this moment to think about another hopeless season.  This is exactly the buzz we will all have for this team in 2010.

Here are the thoughts I had watching today’s game.  Or what the Vikings and their fans called a game:

The Vikings had 225 yards through the middle of the second quarter.  Joe Buck and Troy Aikman treated the game as the typical Brett Favre lovefest, saying “the Vikings are just making this look easy.”  What team hasn’t made it look easy against the Bears defense in 2009?

Once again, the Bears committed stupid penalties at stupid times and stupid turnovers.  And yet Lovie stood on the sidelines with his even, confident glow, even smiling and joking with the referee after Johnny Knox’s stupid fumble.  Bear fans, this is your leader through 2012.  Feels good, doesn’t it?

Call me a Jay Cutler apologist, but on his second interception I thought it was clearly pass interference.  On the first, I think a more experienced receiver might have broken that up before it could be intercepted.  Yes, the ball was underthrown, but every single quarterback in the NFL isn’t perfect and will underthrow a ball now and then.  The difference is the Bears overall talent is pathetic and Cutler doesn’t have the room for error that other quarterbacks do.

As we all know, the Bears trailed 24-7 at halftime.  Johnny Knox returned the second half kickoff to the Minnesota 8 yard line.  The Bears were promptly sacked three times.  That sounds hard to believe, but we know it’s true.  Will Smith just go ahead and make a damn change to a line that is broken, now that there is officially nothing to play for (even though Smith will tell you there is something to play for)?  I know the answer is no, but humor me anyway.  Since Orlando Pace is a joke, why not play our future turnstile Chris Williams at LT for Pace, Frank Omiyale or Kevin Shaffer at RT, and just go ahead and make the switch to Josh Beekman for Olin Kreutz at center.  Anyone that can’t see the warrior Kreutz is done is kidding himself.  And why not start seeing Lance Louis?  I’m not saying those changes fix anything, they probably don’t, but it’s better than seeing the same garbage through the final 4 or 6 losses.

Finally, since in reality the season is over, shouldn’t we start seeing the vaunted 2009 top draft picks (Jarron Gilbert, Juaquin Iglesias and DJ Moore)?  Or is Jerry Angelo afraid this will expose the fact that our top 3 picks from the 2009 draft can’t play?

Sorry to say it, but we’re probably better off that the Bears got their asses kicked today, as (at least to those of us outside the organization not living in fantasyland) this is a proper gauge of where the Bears are really at.  And where they are at is they suck, and they’re only going to get worse in 2010 and 2011 under Angelo, Smith, and this staff’s continued tutelage.

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  1. I agree with you, I’m embarrased of the team I have cheered and defended for more than 25 years. I mean, haven’t you felt that every offensive series of the opponent teams seem to be eternal? And where did the tackling go? Sometimes it looks that even I could complete a pass against that defense.

    You wrote a very important thing, this will be worse next year without the draft picks to reinforce the team…, and we’ll still see Lovie’s stupid clueless face in the gamedays (and everyone knows what face I’m talking about).

    In Mexico, in popular slang, when someone “makes a bear” (hacer el oso), it means to do something ridiculous…. I guess it is very close to what I have seen lately watching this team.

    As fans we should do the same as Cleveland and start complaining right now, put some pressure on the team’s management and make them fire these freaking coaches and hire someone that disciplines the players and SHOWS THEM HOW TO TACKLE!!!

    Go Bears!! (Maybe in 2011)

  2. Yeah, I too am a long time avid Bears fan, and was embarrassed by the showing made today. Hate to see Cutler banged around like he was because the line couldn’t keep anyone out of the backfield. If the Bears did see the light and get rid of Coach Smith, would they keep any coaches? Taub? Marinelli? I feel really bad for the guys that play their hearts out only to see someone totally out of place give up easy yards. Love the Bears, hate to see this happen again (went through some painful years in the late 60′s, pretty much the entire 70′s, and the majority of the 90′s.

  3. I agree

  4. Some interesting facts about tonights game:

    The offense gained 2 whole yards…TWO! in the second half.

    The defense gave up their most yardage since 1982.

    If this were any other team..This coaching staff would be fired. I still hope and pray every day season end, Lovie is fired.

  5. The Bears quit in the second half, on both sides of the ball. Midway through the 3rd they just laid down – players and coaches. Punting on 4th and a foot with 6 minutes left in the third was a give up. In 25 years of following the bears this is probably the worst I’ve felt. I watched some bad years under Wanny and Jauron, but those were mostly talentless teams who were lucky to go 4-12. We have some good players now, but this team as a whole seems to just go through the motions. We have no fire and no chemistry. If I see one more WR screen play called this season I’m going to destroy my TV. Call me a Jay Cutler apologist too. Notice that the Knox TD came on a Cutler audible? I forget if it was Aikman or Buck who said it, but it was a great point: the bears rely on Cutler for EVERY SINGLE YARD they get. With no line, no running game, and raw (but at least promising) WRs, what QB would not struggle? Are there any stud OL who are free agents after this year?

  6. I completely agree on the issue regarding the offensive line.

    The single biggest broken part, in my estimation, is old-balls Orlando Pace. After eleven games of clear inability to protect the blind side, can’t Lovie just admit that bringing in all his old St. Louis buddies isn’t working? I mean, St. Louis hasn’t fielded a team worth watching since 2003. Why are we bringing all of their losers over to our team (e.g., Archuleta, Pace, Tinoisamoa, ROD MARINELLI)?? Something about recruiting a bunch of guys who haven’t played with a .500+ team in 7 years doesn’t exactly scream “Winning Atmosphere”.

  7. One more thing – If Jerry Angelo and Lovie aren’t gone after this season, I will be **SHOCKED**. Lovie, the master of avoiding any semblance of emotional investment in the outcome of a game, is obviously playing elevator music in those headsets (a la Dick Jauron).

    Angelo is another loser. He was director of player personnel in Tampa Bay from 1987-2000, a span during which the team averaged 6.5 wins a season. Whoops. This idiot just traded away a few years worth of picks to get Gaines Adams (doesn’t play more than a series or two a game) and Jay Cutler, who is clearly not comfortable with his supporting cast. We now have no high-round draft choices to fill the GAPING talent holes all over the offense and the defense. What a tragedy to see such a promising young QB like Cutler descend into mediocrity on account of an incompetent GM and coaching staff!

  8. Well Rich, I certainly agree with your point of gaping holes, but on Angelo, he is credited with putting together many of the pieces that ended up being the 2002 Tampa team that won the Super Bowl.

    Besides Urlacher, Mike Brown, and Olin Kreutz, he put together the Bears team that got to the Super Bowl. But point is he hasnt drafted really anything good in quite a few years, his top 3 picks from last years draft have yet to see the field this year (Igleasis, Moore, and Gilbert), which to me says that these players are not at all what they thought they would be.

    Personally to me, this team is not going anywhere until the McCaskey’s are gone.

  9. It pains me to say it but Cutler is just one sack away from being finished for the season. Lovie better wake up and make some changes in the O-line and scheme and start protecting this guy or he will end up on IR!

    Man, it is disgusting watching our WRs and TE play! Cutler has to hit these guys perfectly in stride and ON THE NUMBERS before they can catch ANYTHING! How pathetic that is. None of them could make another NFL team as a receiver, but we have them all. What the heck is up with that?

  10. The ’09 line is making our ’08 line look like an all-pro unit. Here’s something I never thought I’d be thinking this season: We miss John St. Clair!

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