Chicago Bears Win 700th Game

No opinions yet….I’d be firing them off if the Bears had lost in stupid fashion as they have 2 of the last 3 weeks.  Glad to not be a Packers fan today, right?  (Wait, I’m glad I’m not a Packers fan EVERY day).

What are your thoughts on the win over Jacksonville today?

The Packer game was huge.  The Bears lost.  The Vikings game was HUGE.  The Bears lost.  For the third time this season, this Saints game is H   U   G   E.  Obviously, this on is do or die.  We’ll find out in four days.

3 Responses to “Chicago Bears Win 700th Game”

  1. A win is a win.

  2. This will be a true testament of how good we are as a football team. If we can pressure Brees we should be alright. Keep in mind that Minnesota still has to play the Giants and the Falcons, the top two rushing defenses in the league. From the first time I looked at the schedule, I knew that that Monday Night Bears Packers game was going to HUGE. But we need to cross that bridge when we get there. Absolute, 110% MUST WIN game this Thursday. Hopefully Ron Turner will decide to call some half-way decent plays.

  3. They beat a team that they were supposed to beat. Good teams do that…but good teams win more than just the easy games too.

    Man it will be nice to only have to wait 4 days for another Bears game!

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