Chicago Bears Tailgating Fiasco

gmc2.jpgWhat a day. Commute to the office at 4:30 a.m. Received a call from CLTV at 2 p.m. asking if I would appear on Garrard McClendon’s live show at 6:30 from Trib Tower, which I agreed to do. Got home around 10. I don’t check my personal e-mail at my real job, so I missed messages from NBC-5, ABC-7, and NPR to discuss the issue. Could have been a longer day if everyone reached me.

Since when the Bears are bad, or even average, the media doesn’t want to talk to a guy like me, I figured I better take the publicity while the offer was there.

The issue? As everyone has already heard, the Bears announced on Tuesday that they will no longer allow tailgating in their lots while the game is in progress. My opinions can be seen in video clips from the show. I hope to eventually have the tape I can upload to video, stay tuned.

Long and short of it, the Bears are not eliminating tailgating, and I do want to see them try to evict people from the lots and from RV’s for God’s sake while the game is in progress. Unfortunately I do feel that this is another way for the Bears to chip away at the tradition of tailgating to get more thirst and hungry people into the game to buy their food and beverages.

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