Chicago Bears Rumor Mill Churning

Well I have to say I like the rumors, but unfortunately I still think it’s fantasyland.  No way does the Chicago Bears organization that we all know and love (eye roll) pay Lovie Smith over $10 million to not coach in 2010 and 2011.  And if they were to do so, which they won’t, and allow Jerry Angelo to hire the next coach as a lame duck (Angelo is signed through 2013) they’d be perpetuating this freaking mess.

And remember, what bona fide NFL coach is going to coach under Angelo?  I’ll answer that: not Holmgren, Gruden, Shanihan or Cowher.  That’s for sure.

But it is nice to hear the rumors that are being denied by the organization within 12 hours of them getting started.  First, on WSCR last night Hub Arkush claims to have a source that says “inquiries have been made” by the organization regarding replacing Angelo and Smith.  Take it for what it’s worth-every publisher of a print publication these days (Pro Football Weekly) has to be desperate to get this name out there, so I’d personally be surprised if anything comes of this.

Then the Sun-Times, wanting to get into the act, reports that Mike Martz would love to work with Jay Cutler.  It actually looks like they have masked this to make it look like rumor has it that Martz is being considered to replace Ron Turner. But I don’t think anything in the article comes close to saying that.  No way in my opinion does Martz’s scheme work with a horrible offensive line, so what’s the use anyway?

I really, really, really hate to say it, but my expectation is we have Angelo, Smith and Turner back for at least 2010.  Perhaps the Bears will be competing for the first pick in the 2011 draft.  We can only hope that anyone other than Jerry Angelo will be making that pick.

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  1. This was the most exciting Bears news Ive read since the cutler trade, but sadly, I too believe nothing will come of it.. The Martz thing is probably the most real possibility, which has the potential to be even worse than what we have..

  2. Well, I will live on the rumors for a day. Just to see what hope looks like!

  3. Too bad…it’s just a rumor. Cause someone needs to go

  4. Has anyone heard anything about the Bears (hopefully) going after O.J. Atogwe? His skills over the top will help our secondary out A LOT, especially while Bowman and Afalava develop over the next few years.

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