Chicago Bears re-draft: 2010

Yesterday’s 2009 re-draft was rather depressing, but the 2010 re-draft will leave a Bears fan so much angrier. To be honest, this draft ended up being one of the deepest ever. As one will be able to see rather easily, there were Pro-Bowl players that fell far into day three.

3 (75). Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami
Actual Pick: Major Wright, S, Florida
—In fairness to Jerry Angelo, dozens of other general managers passed on Jimmy Graham repeatedly. All of their fans would have Graham on their team re-drafts, too. Graham has turned into probably the best tight end in football. He’s a nightmare for any defensive coordinator. He’s a mismatch against almost any secondary. He would make this current Bears offense the best in football, hands down. Major Wright’s career never quite materialized. He got a lot of playing time in Chicago, but he never really progressed as anticipated. Wright did give the Bears a lot of minutes, but that doesn’t mean those minutes were quality ones.
4 (109). Geno Atkins, DT, Georgia
Actual Pick: Corey Wootton, DE/DT, Northwestern
—Corey Wootton was a solid pick by Angelo. There was a lot of talk around the draft that the Cowboys really wanted him and were thinking about taking him as high as the second round. Wootton’s career got off to a slow start in part because of injuries, but in the end, Wootton did a lot of positive things in Chicago. His 11 career sacks aren’t very impressive, but he was a good defender against the run and could play anywhere on the line. However, Angelo could have gotten so much more value out of this pick had he selected Geno Atkins. Atkins missed a lot of 2013 because of a torn ACL, but he has proved to be the best pass rushing DT in the game. The Bears could have rotated Henry Melton and Atkins at 3-tech and ultimately decided to keep one. You could bet that they would have retained Atkins.
5 (141). Greg Hardy, DE, Mississippi
Actual Pick: Joshua Moore, CB, Kansas State
— Joshua Moore was always thought of being a potential successor to Charles Tillman, but that never worked out. Moore had ideal size and length, but he never amounted to much in Chicago and last appeared in the league in 2012 with the Broncos. Kam Chancellor was a steal in the fifth round for the Seahawks and has turned into one of the best strong safeties in the NFL. However, no general manager would take a good strong safety over a great defensive end. Prior to the 2010 draft, Greg Hardy was getting a lot of publicity and turned into maybe the most polarizing player in that draft. Somehow, he fell all the way to the sixth round and the Panthers found tremendous value. Last season, Hardy notched 15 sacks which forced Carolina to place their franchise tag on him. Because of Hardy, the Panthers’ defense is one of the strongest units in football, and at his age, he will continue to do his part to keep the Panthers extremely competitive in the NFC South.
6 (181). Antonio Brown, WR, Central Michigan
Actual Pick: Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan
—Maybe Angelo meant to pick the WR from Central Michigan and not the QB. The Bears went with Dan LeFevour, who was eventually signed off of the practice squad by the Bengals. In Cincinnati, he did nothing and then more of the same in Indianapolis. He currently plays in the CFL. Meanwhile, Antonio Brown has turned into a solid #2/#3 wideout in Pittsburgh. Right now, he’s probably the Steelers #1 receiver, which is a problem, but he would be perfect in the Bears’ current offense. Maybe the Bears wouldn’t have drafted Alshon Jeffery in 2012, but Brown, Graham, Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall would still be the best set of skill position players the Bears’ organization has ever had.
7 (218). Marc Mariani, WR, Montana
Actual Pick: J’Marcus Webb, T, West Texas State
—Marc Mariani has earned everything in his career. He walked on at Montana and didn’t play that year. He ended up being a returner and a slot receiver for the Grizzlies, but despite a good career there, it wasn’t until round 7 when the Titans finally took a chance on him. Like he did at Montana, Mariani worked his ass off and, when healthy, is now one of the best returners in the NFL. Unfortunately, he has found himself dealing with a few leg injuries. He would have been a cheaper Devin Hester for Chicago, and this city wouldn’t have to have dealt with the ever-aggravating J’Marcus Webb. The Bears got use out of him, but he was a responsible for quite a few near-death experiences for Jay Cutler.

–Brian Ociepka (@bjociepka1 on twitter)

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  1. Great stuff Brian. I wish it were this simple. Of course you have the domino effect of who would have played instead of Webb, but whoever it was wouldn’t have been near as bad.

  2. Unbelievable how many good players there were in that draft.

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