Chicago Bears Quarterback Draft

Courtesy of my friends at, Peter King of SI ranks the Chicago Bears 2008 draft as #1. As in the #1 draft he didn’t like.

Look, we have to deal with the fact that the Bears didn’t take a quarterback in the 2008 draft. Right or wrong, Jerry Angelo has much more at stake than we do. If Chad Henne or Brian Brohm turn out to be studs and Matt Forte is a flop like his predecessor, Curtis Enis I mean Cedric Benson, then Angelo should be gone. But at this point all I can assume is that Angelo and his staff did their homework, and they rightly decided that Forte had a better shot at becoming a stud than either Brohm or Henne. It can’t just be that Angelo thinks Rex Grossman and/or Kyle Orton are the certain answers at the position, as some in the national media indicate.

I fully understand now why Angelo took the defensive tackle, safety and cornerback in rounds three through five. Those guys all reportedly have starter talent and could be real mid-round gems like Nathan Vasher, Dusty Dvoracek and Chris Harris were. I don’t really understand, though, taking the tight end (fifth) and the defensive end (seventh) over Erik Ainge, Andre Woodson and Matt Flynn. Again, all that can be surmised is that Angelo really felt those QB’s aren’t going to amount to anything. He better be right.

Besides, if you believe the papers, the Bears may have just signed the next Tony Romo as an undrafted free agent in Nick Hill from Southern Illinois. I’m excited about this pickup, but would have preferred the real Tony Romo in 2003.

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  1. Dusty D. is a mid round gem? A combined four quarters in two years. I hope your right but not so far

  2. Peter King is well known not to like anything Angelo does. Mel Kiper, Jr. did like what the Bears did in the draft, including signing the QB from Colorado ST. And, Kiper’s whole life is the NFL draft. The Bears are trying to win in 2008 and drafting a QB wasn’t going to do it. We will wait and see what happens.

  3. Tom-You got me there. I should have said his 4 preseason performances over his 2 year career make him look like he could be a gem. Or something garbled like that.

  4. I was hoping they would take Colt Brennan from Hawaii. Let’s keep an eye on him, I could be wrong.

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