Chicago Bears: Plenty of Positives

The fact that the Bears are 2-1 mainly due to normally reliable kickers for the offseason missing field goals they should have made is troubling.

But there are positives starting with the fact that they are 2-1, plain and simple.

Nice to see Jay Cutler stepping up and being the quarterback most of us here knew he would be despite his opening-night problems.

Zack Bowman has stepped in and outplayed Nathan Vasher, and more importantly stayed healthy.  The safeties haven’t been burned by any stupid plays (if you don’t count Greg Jennings’ game-winner when Vasher fell down).  That despite starting a rookie (Al Afalava) and another prone to giving up the big play (Danieal Manning).

The receivers certainly are playing better than anyone gave them credit for.

And despite losing their leader in Brian Urlacher, how about the job Nick Roach did in the middle Sunday.  Roach was basically the third-stringer, entered after Hunter Hillenmeyer’s injury and played remarkably well for the situation.  Granted, the Bears were playing a Seahawk team missing 10+ starters, so there is concern when the Bears face the heavy competition.

But 2-1 definitely feels better than the reverse.

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  1. I could not agree more. I have been very impressed with the play of Hunter Hillenmeyer in Urlacher’s absence and then the play of Nick Roach at the end of that Seahawks game.

    Cutler has looked like the franchise QB we knew he would be. He has been very smart since the opening day loss and he spreads the ball around nicely.

    My biggest fear going into this season was the pass defense, but they have been alright. I would like to see the Bears D get more staunch on third down, but 2-1 speaks volumes to me.

    If the Bears continue to improve and develop their young talent. I do not see a team that scares me in the playoffs (so long as Da Bears stay healthy).

  2. Exactly, a win’s a win…and the Bears are 2-1. The Bears need to win this game vs. Detroit. How nice would it be for Cutler and crew to just have a field day and put a ton of points on the board? Cutler needs a coming out party and this is just the ticket.

  3. And I think for all the worry about the running game, I predict Matt Forte will break off one of these days. Cutler is showing what he can do so it’s just a matter of time before teams start paying him more respect and that’ll open the lanes for Forte

  4. Where did this chump come from? Friday night at 10:43pm, it looks like he couldn’t find a date to attend his high school homecoming dance with.

  5. Yeah, I took care of that one. Too bad it had to sit there for a few days. Nice comeback though!

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