Chicago Bears Orange Jerseys

I’ve given my comments on Chicago Bears uniforms many times. My opinion is, I wish they’d wear Navy at home exclusively, wear the navy pants at home once in a great while, and split white/navy and white/white on the road. No more of that wearing white at home crap.

This Sunday, the once-a-year pumpkin shirts will be donned. That’s my derisive way of saying the Chicago Bears are wearing their orange alternate jerseys. The only good thing to be said, the Bears have never lost in the orange jerseys.

And as a co-worker pointed out to me, the Bears are now 3-0 at home in their white jerseys in the modern era. I still hate that, though.

More information on the history of the Chicago Bears uniform is available at I should point out that I added this information on my site in 2002, and the Bears added it to their website and media guide in 2003. My information is still much more detailed.

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